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The future enterprise star will see the true strength behind the 120 million financing

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After the advent of the artificial intelligence era, various industries are rushing to join in, they are afraid to miss the entire era once they miss it. Of course, there are some people who really want to do something for humans and the whole world. For the culture to never die, for the coming of a new era.

“Learn everything, see what you want to see” is the vision of Beijing Zhijian Technology Co., Ltd., and the origin of the company name. This is an artificial intelligence company dedicated to building a mixed-realistic brain. They use space intelligence engines and high-precision maps indoors and outdoors to create various industry scenes to realize the digital copy of the physical world and the interaction of mixed reality.

In April 2012, Google released a "expanding reality" glasses that attracted attention. However, the product problem that constantly exposed the surface also indicates that it is immature and needs to continue to optimize.

After the release of Microsoft's HoloLens holographic glasses in 2015, it shocked a wave of people's minds. He researched the next generation of computing platforms & interactive methods coming soon. He is Liu Yang, the CEO of the technology. For more than a decade of research on AR-related algorithms, he seems to think about what to do, so a year later, the technology was established in Beijing.


Their products are enhanced by the human brain.

Founded in 2016, Seengene Inc. is a technology company that uses the most advanced augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other technologies to empower and optimize life.

The business model is divided into three layers: data layer (ie xarc.ai high-precision commercial XR cloud), business layer (ie XaaS service) and product layer (X series hardware products), providing customized integration solutions according to customer needs. It is able to enrich the fields of entertainment, commercial marketing, security industry and many other industries.

It is known that technology uses the world's leading mixed reality technology to cover 80% of the high-star scenic spots. AR hardware + software + cloud services, making them stand out in the same industry. Among the products of the Science and Technology X series, X1 is widely used in exhibitions, tourism, education and other industries. XMan is dedicated to public security and industrial industries.


XMan product map

In the cultural tourism industry, X1 glasses can be found to provide a complete, integrated solution that includes software, hardware, cloud services, content, and operations management systems. Visitors to scenic spots, museums, scenic spots and other places can be seen, and the disappearing civilization can be reconstructed in front of the tourists and the visitors can experience the charm of history and humanities. In the education industry, we can provide AR classroom construction, AR course content production and course content online platform, which can cover K12 education, higher education, training and so on.

Because in the human eye, what you see is three-dimensional, and the pictures and videos seen through the screen are two-dimensional. It is known that technology believes that information should be presented where it should appear. It's like when you look at a product, its information and the introduction of the advantages of each point should be next to the product, rather than having to flip through the product manual to see.

The amount of information that humans obtain every day is large, but there is little effective information, and it is difficult to have a deep memory. Using XMan glasses as an example, it can help the public security department to enhance the memory of fugitive criminals. It has functions such as face recognition, authentication comparison, and license plate recognition, which greatly improves the user's work efficiency.


See the brand promotion map

Human beings are in the era of enjoying the rapid development of high technology. From the PC end to the mobile phone mobile terminal, after ten years of development, it has reached the wave of mobile Internet today. Since 12 years, AR has received much attention. Nowadays, the development of products in the AR industry is actually an early stage. Just like the wave of mobile Internet, the wave of interaction may take 10 years to reach the peak.


They have the lightest AR glasses on the market.

On August 20, 2018, it was announced that Technology announced that it had received 120 million A rounds of financing. Under the influence of the cold winter of capital, we can see that technology can get 120 million yuan of financing. The strength of the company in the same industry can not be underestimated, even if there are no more than ten companies in the same industry in the country.

It is known that Technology has the first AR cloud in the country, which is a test of the technical team. Not only do you need to know the team's founders and several co-founders' past research studies on AR-related fields, but also the support of a strong team of experts.


See the founder team

Among the expert consultants who have been interviewed, there are Boss from the Peking University Graphic Laboratory, Zhou Bingfeng, Vice Chairman of the China Photographic Society, Vice President of the Peking University School of Letters, and Director of the Machine Perception & Intelligence Key Laboratory, Cha Hongbin, etc. tutor. The technical team of such a strong expert advisory team reflects the high requirements of the industry for the profession, and it is not difficult to feel the extremely high threshold of this industry.


The AR eyewear machine with the lightest (166g), the largest angle of view (45°) and the most comfortable (ergonomics) on the market

The composition of AR glasses is very complicated. In the AR glasses that we know about technology, we have a high-speed parallel dedicated 3D image chip developed by ourselves, which can process a large amount of graphic data in real time. The camera can dynamically adjust the framing area according to the human eye, ensuring the perfect integration of the augmented reality overlay display and the real scene. Both hardware and technical requirements require hundreds of experiments to achieve.


XMomentos product map

It is a good start to see that the technology was established in 16 years. After the establishment of the first generation of AR products, it has gained a lot of attention. However, it took a year to mass produce the first generation products. And in this year, continuous experimentation and optimization are needed. It took only three months for the heat dissipation problem of the AR glasses to be solved, eventually reducing from 50-60 ° C to 30 ° C.

In the short period of two years since its establishment, it has acquired more than 40 core technology patents. It won the national high-tech enterprise certification in the second year of its establishment, and also won the AR best hardware award and the most in 2017. Good application award. Recently, the xarc.ai project, which saw the technology, stood out from more than 300 entries and won the first place in the innovative China 2018AI+ track. However, this is only the beginning.


99.9 steps from the success of the distance

Technology represents design and research and development, while the initial heart represents the future. Even if they have the strength to get 120 million A round of financing, they still believe that they have only taken 0.1 steps from success.

In the AR industry, the technology that can solve the hardware chip & platform performance, software-free interaction, non-universal developer platform, and no-demand scenario has already cooperated with many well-known companies and provided solutions.

Due to the price of AR glasses, most AR glasses can only be specific products of a particular scene. I hope that I can work hard for this for another ten years. In the next five years, I can make some breakthroughs at the C side, so that more people can experience the charm of AR.

This typical Internet company has a very delicate heart. It seems that everyone is brave and everyone seems to be optimistic.


See the photo of the technology group

“This society respects those who have fulfilled its responsibilities for it.” The technological advancement relies on the team working on it day and night. They recreated the magnificent originality of the past two centuries on the ruins, and they also made the extinct creatures live.

Ten or twenty years, maybe they can change the world, maybe not to let the world change itself. Do AR+IP+AI with your heart, and understand everything, see what you want to see.