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[Creator Biography] Using 450 yuan to create the world's post-90 project investors

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  I have heard about his entrepreneurial story long ago. It is more like an interview. I feel more like "learning." Different people will have different horizons, and there may be 10,000 answers to a question. We talked briefly about the interview before the interview. In the impression, he should be a very serious person.

He is the protagonist of this "Creator Biography", the founder of Ali Youyou - Ren Pengyong.



  Ren Pengyong, born in 90 years, is a quiet person in Gansu. Since I was a child, I have witnessed the horror and influence of the Wenchuan earthquake since I was a child. I have been inspirational to set up a charity fund to help those who are unfortunate. At the age of 19, he only took the subsidy of 450 yuan to the entrepreneurial road in Suzhou. In 2013, he earned the first barrel of 800,000 yuan and co-founded Suzhou Hongyan Gino Electronic Consulting Co., Ltd. and became the CEO. More than 300 million yuan, and founded Shanghai Huanyi Information Technology, after failing in 2014, carrying 2 million debts alone to go to Beijing to start a business. In 2015, he founded Beijing Aliyouyou Technology Co., Ltd. as the president and obtained investment from the investment group.



  Aliyoyo.com is a high-tech enterprise established in Zhongguancun, Beijing. It is mainly engaged in the management of industrial chain of comprehensive manufacturing industry. It also owns 9future Technology, a holding company, to help domestic small and medium-sized makers to raise production funds overseas. In 2018, Ali Youyou won the Forbes China 2018 Enterprise Potential List.


"I started as a waiter at the hotel." When Ren Pengyong said this sentence, his eyes revealed brilliance. I originally thought that at the age of 19, I started to start a business. After nine years, I should be exhausted in the eyes of today. This kind of brilliance is like the star in the eye. It is his personal light that will not be easily annihilated.

Of course, what I saw was only Ren Pengyong in front of him. He may be another way of working. From the tone of Ren Pengyong, I didn't feel the pride of the survivors, and I didn't feel the pain after the thorns, but I said the sentence very calmly, as if I was telling someone else's story.

"I am also 90, do you look like it?" When Ren Pengyong finished this sentence, several of us laughed, and the atmosphere suddenly eased. He has completely left the stereotype in my mind. In my opinion, he still carries the day of his departure, the inner anxiety and joy. He is like a boy of adulthood.

The road that has passed

At the age of 19, Ren Pengyong took the only 450 yuan to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. He left his hometown and went to Suzhou Kunshan alone to find a job as a hotel clerk. He was busy at the table during the day and worked as a porter in uniform food at night. During his time as a food clerk, he found that during the busy season, all major hotels were extremely short of waiters, and recruiting temporary workers became a problem in the service industry. Therefore, Ren Pengyong organized the scattered waiters and introduced them to the hotel in a large scale. He received more than 200,000 yuan from it. Later, he also began to self-study stocks and earned 800,000 yuan, which is the first pot of gold in his life. In 2013, he entered the futures industry with an annual trading volume of 300 million yuan. However, there were unexpected events, and he thought that he had lost luck in 2014. At that time, due to the back-end technical failure caused by the trading system, many people could not trade, resulting in his users losing millions of dollars, many people took him to the court. In an instant, Ren Pengyong was heavily in debt. "The house cars have been sold, but they have not lost enough, and they still owe millions of people." When Ren Pengyong said this sentence, who can think of him being knocked down again and again four times a year ago? I climbed up and walked up to the present.


Ali Youyou won the top ten awards in the 2017 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Later, a good-hearted big sister gave a guarantee to Ren Pengyong and gave him a train ticket from Suzhou to Beijing. In this way, he came to Beijing alone. Just a few days after arriving in Beijing, it happened to be the Spring Festival. Ren Pengyong said: "The winter in Beijing is really cold. I spent three days in the venture street."

It didn't take long for the lucky god to come again. On the way of Ren Pengyong taking the subway to find investors, a strange big sister “talked” to him. During the chat, the strange big sister was moved by Ren Pengyong’s entrepreneurial story. And gave him 100,000 yuan in start-up funds. It is this 100,000 yuan that opened Ren Pengyong's Ali Youyou business. In 2015, he settled in the Zhongguancun Venture Building and focused on building a top supply chain service platform.

Ren Pengyong is good at observation. This year, he followed the footsteps of the “blockchain era” and injected 12 million yuan for the Singapore blockchain project HOURS.


Ren Pengyong's Time Chain Login 2018 Hurun Blockchain Innovation Enterprise Ranking

"I didn't think I would have it today." When Ren Pengyong said this sentence, he still had an incredible tone. Indeed, his starting point is not high, and the road to entrepreneurship is not smooth, as if it is all the way through. However, as long as it is enough, I think it is not that simple.

Therefore, the day will be reduced to the people of the S, also must first bitter their minds, labor and bones, hungry their body, empty body, do what they do, so they are heart-to-heart, have benefited.

- "Under the Mencius


Ren Pengyong’s “dreaming” is not a daydream, waiting for the pie to fall. This dream is more like a belief. I often think about the good things that have not happened before, and the bad experience of the moment can be better digested. Become a creator and become the one you want to be.

I asked Ren Pengyong whether he had collapsed because of entrepreneurship or even wanted to give up. He answered me very firmly. "No, the harder the loyalty, the more you know what you want."

At the time of the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, Ren Pengyong went to the disaster area to participate in the earthquake relief. He watched a primary school collapse, no life, and saw many families ruined. He realized that human life is too fragile. In the face of death, no setback will stop him. He wants to succeed! Life, support and trust, let Ren Pengyong understand that he will never easily retreat.

After leaving home, Ren Pengyong had not returned home for six years. When he went back, he donated hundreds of thousands to the temple to repair the temple. That time, he finally got the temper and straightened his waist. It has finally become the son that parents are proud of.

Find the investor

"Entrepreneurs must first understand the investment institutions." For Ren Pengyong who has already passed this road, it is absolutely qualified to share experience.

Ren Pengyong believes that entrepreneurs can't just consider the problem according to their own thoughts. Before thinking that their ideas are perfect, they should first check whether their products can stand in the market. It is recommended that entrepreneurs should first verify that their entrepreneurial model and products are compatible with the shortest time and the least amount of funds. In addition, it is very important to find a reliable partner. The operation of a company requires teamwork. Leaders need to trust each other, do not overestimate their ability, and do not underestimate the value of each other. In terms of financing, we must show our true self. The venture capital institutions are very rational. They are very clear about what kind of qualified entrepreneurs will succeed, let VC see the sincerity of entrepreneurs, and not be "smart".


Ren Pengyong is interviewing

Ren Pengyong said that entrepreneurs are very hard. Many of the friends who have been with themselves in the past have not persisted, so he believes that those entrepreneurs who can persist will succeed. Up to now, Ren Pengyong has invested in six or seven projects. When he saw these entrepreneurs, he seemed to see himself.

I asked Ren Pengyong to think that he has changed. He smiled and said, "The beginning of my heart has not changed. I am still an entrepreneur."