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[Creator Biography] He combines Chinese medical science and technology

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  Deliver the voice of the makers, explore the innovation ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

On a cloudy afternoon, our group of people drove to the Daxishan Shuyuan Village to visit the protagonist of this issue. The weather is dull, the closer to the mountain, the lower the black cloud is pressed. Before that, I have not seen this protagonist, and his understanding of him is not comprehensive.

Since the creation of the column "Creator Biography", we have been exposed to the best in different fields, the purpose is to let more people see how bright these rising stars are.

When I came to the Shuhuang Academy, the tranquility here seemed to make people breathe a deep breath. Today, I came to interview Du Bing, the dean of the Shifangtai and TCM Medical Research Institute. When I saw Dean Du, I realized that people really have a "qi" field. Du's gas field is not a deterrent, but more of a kind of powerful energy. It does not have a sense of distance, it is indeed a living "healer's benevolence."


Du Bing Dean


Shifang Taihe Chinese Medicine Museum, located in the Dahuang Academy of Daxishan Shuyuan

Du Bing, Dean of Business of Shifangtai and TCM Medical Research Institute, Tutor of Chinese Medical College, Director of Health and Health Work Committee of China Supporting Army Excellent Foundation. He has long been committed to clinical, teaching and scientific research in Chinese medicine and has accumulated rich clinical and teaching experience. In the exploration of the health model of Chinese medicine, a new medical model based on the diagnosis and treatment of meridians, based on physical and mental treatment, and the synchronization of doctors and patients was established.

Chinese medical road

Dean Du Bing’s father is a doctor. In the childhood of Du Dean, his father often went to the hospital in the middle of the night to save people. Whether it was medical or medical, he was deeply respected by others. Most people find it difficult to establish their future career ideas when they are young. Astronauts, scientists, and shopkeepers in the process of growing up may be farther and farther away from their original ideals. Dean Du really became a doctor because of his father’s professional influence.

Human beings are small in the face of disease. Tomorrow and accidents, you never know which one will come first. Relatives in the distance, close friends, important lover, some people may have experienced the torture of the person in front of them but they have no way, this inner defect will become a wound that can not be healed for a long time.


Dean Du is in an interview

"For the sake of medicine." This belief of Dean Du is like a brand, always reminding him to go on the road of medical exploration. However, Dean Du began to study western clinical medicine. With the precipitation and accumulation of knowledge, in an accidental exploration, Dean Du had a strong interest in Chinese medicine.

People in modern cities are often plagued by chronic diseases. Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and ventilation are common types of chronic diseases. It does not constitute an infection, but it is a form of disease that has accumulated over a long period of time. "The disease has not been cured, and it has not been cured." This is written by the Yellow Emperor. Dean Du said: "The idea in Chinese medical science is very wise. It is the way of life with a complete system. It contains endless wisdom. This is one of the reasons why I turned to study Chinese medicine."

Chinese medicine has not been deified

After Dean turned to study Chinese medicine, he took the authority of the field of Chinese medicine practitioners and continued to study Chinese medicine. It is important to know that most people's understanding of Chinese medicine is one-sided, and Chinese medicine research on human life is holographic.


Du Bing Dean

Dean Du explained that "the medicine is not expensive, but the symptom is good. Chinese medicine does not have to use advanced medicine, but it is suitable. For the current problem, the most appropriate method can be used to resolve the disease. The hand is getting sick. And Chinese medicine is not just a herbal medicine, but a silver needle. In addition to treating diseases, it is more important to appeal to people to pay attention to their own health."

Indeed, many lawless elements now lie in the name of "Chinese medicine", which makes people have some prejudice against Chinese medicine, and these misunderstandings are difficult to eliminate.

Once an individual becomes a member of the group, he will not take responsibility for what he does. At this time, everyone will expose the side of their constraints. The pursuit and belief of the group is never a matter of truth and reason, but blind obedience, cruelty, paranoia and fanaticism, only knowing simple and extreme feelings.

- Gustav Le Pen "The Ugly"

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. During the interview, the CBO Wang Zhong of Zhongguancun Chuangke Town, who was with me, had been plagued by the cold for several weeks. When Dean asked about it, he got up and taught us to relieve symptoms through acupressure. Of course, the effect will not be immediate, but if it persists for a long time, it will be beneficial to the body. Dean Du also gave us a feedback voice from a patient. The patient’s long-term troubles have seriously affected his sleep. Under the treatment of Dean, he was able to sleep peacefully that night. This is what I saw with my own eyes. I heard that I have a certain reason for the diagnosis and treatment of the meridians of the human body. The benevolent sees the wise and sees wisdom. Only by personal experience will I know.

"Inheritance is a problem"

At the beginning, Shifang Taihe was the dean of Du Bing personally to diagnose and treat patients. Later, with the expansion of scale, a large number of doctors need to be recruited, and teamwork is needed. How to pass on the methods and models of Chinese medicine is a problem that President Du is very worried about. The study of traditional medical treatment may be a decade of not going out and studying hard. And nowadays, there are very few students who can persist. It takes a lot of effort to train talents, which is very helpless.



  "This is a fast food era, and many people want to prove themselves quickly." Dean Du said that he and his teacher have been learning for 20 years before they realize the essence of Chinese medicine. It is not easy to learn. But the most important requirement for Dean Du is to hope that they will become a good doctor. I have to admit that medical skills and medical ethics should coexist, not the two, which is commendable.

To be a good leader, you need a role change. Dean Du will focus on cultivating according to the characteristics of each doctor and student, so that they can shine in the field they are good at. This is also the right medicine in the spirit of Chinese medicine. It is undeniable that there are a large number of Chinese medicine research platforms in China, but if we do not take "inheritance" as the core, it is only a scene of mutual learning.

Du's new identity - "Creator"

In order to conform to the new era, Dean Du hopes to integrate Chinese medicine with science and technology. Traditional Chinese medicine should keep up with the times. “How to find the system and data for the diagnosis of Chinese medicine?” Dean Du took the research with this problem. Now, Dean Du and the relevant person in charge of the Department of Biomedical Engineering of Tsinghua University have obtained the research results of the meridian acupoint diagnosis with the support of the Haidian District Government. Through the evaluation of the meridian points, the relevant data can be obtained. Modern Chinese medicine should pay attention to "rational" and "according", and based on these data to judge, will get a relatively objective result. Since 2010, Dean and his team have accumulated more than 100,000 cases and have a large number of foundations, which will have a comprehensive basis for patient health assessment.

Chinese medicine research needs to have a business model, but not doing business, doing business. There are entities that can better test and combine medical and commercial roads, not only the growth of the brand, but also the growth of the people themselves.

Shifang Taihe has a patent called the Meridian Detector. This is a starting point for Dean Du to explore the field of artificial intelligence and cloud services in traditional Chinese medicine. The human body meridian characteristic detection and analysis system is an intelligent detection instrument. Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridians, using electronic and computer technology for graphical display and quantitative data analysis, the eight-dimensional dialectical (Yin and Yang, surface, cold and hot, false and real) of Chinese medicine and the imbalance of the right and left sides of the body are accurately and objectively measured. And records, providing a basis for treatment. Different from traditional Chinese medicine, its diagnosis results are quantitative, comparable and visual. It can help doctors, judge the condition, check the treatment effect, and can also be used for physical examination and other research on Chinese medicine and integrated Chinese and Western medicine, providing direct and objective modern means for Chinese medicine to carry out academic exchanges.




Meridian detectors and other physiotherapy equipment

"Giving people to fish"

"It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish." In the past few years, Dean Du gave a health lecture at Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University and other colleges and universities to teach and call for the health of the whole people. Sickness is like an alarm. It shouldn't start to panic when the alarm sounds. If it can be prevented, it will manage its own health on weekdays, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and care for oneself and care for the family.



Staff analysis based on test reports

The Taihe Smart Platform WeChat applet developed by Sneijder Health Technology will be officially launched in July 2018, and related apps will also be launched in September. They will use intelligent algorithms to answer the symptoms for users, and can push relevant knowledge to users' own problems, so that this self-service interaction truly enables everyone to "medicine." In addition, in the near future, we will invite President Du to the town of Chuangke to start the office, and the Taihe Smart Health Management Experience Center will soon be launched in the maker town. Zhongguancun Chuangke Town will become the first home in the country. TCM wisdom for the healthy town of health management!