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[Creator Biography]: Li Yan, let the virtual simulation plug in the wings of the Internet

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Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the full bloom of “entrepreneurship + life + social”; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial group to obtain users, the whole line of docking resources!

Two or three years ago, virtual simulation or VR, the fire was a little unreal! However, in the undetected, calmly, the industry began to return to the essence. Some virtual simulation industry elites began to reflect and explore the way out. Parallel cloud CEO Dr. Li Yan is one of them. This virtual simulation industry veteran, from master to doctor, has been engaged in virtual simulation research and development. Before he started his business, he used to be a In order to climb the top of the mountain, he chose to clear and re-start! This issue of "Creator Biography", let us approach Dr. Li Yan and his real dreams about virtual simulation!

Run away

"After two years, I am a naval colonel." At the end of 2013, 18-year-old Li Yan, when he left the Naval Dalian Ship Academy, was a lieutenant colonel. Li Yan said that if you stay in the past two years, you can not only be promoted to the colonel, but even if you change jobs, you can also receive a small amount of retirement money on a monthly basis in accordance with the rules of self-employment.

You can take money when you are lying down. Think about how beautiful? But Li Yan can't wait. For men, 36 years old may be a hurdle, and at this time, suddenly suspected life.

He didn't want to continue this kind of life that looked at him. "On the road now, I think I can't climb the top of the mountain. It doesn't just depend on the level of personal effort, but also depends on many objective factors." Li Yan said, "I don't want to go on like this, so I want to change." Take the road and change the way."


Interview guests

Li Yan

At that time, Li Yan could not say that he was famous in the army, but at least he was relatively stable. As a military doctor, he also served as the academic secretary of the mentor. His mentor is a well-known academician in this field. "With the mentor over the years, I have greatly expanded my horizons."

Due to special circumstances, Li Yan eventually left the army as a soldier. All the subsidies add up to only more than 130,000. "In the next half of my life, I only rely on myself," Li Yan said with a smile. However, he has no hesitation.


As a veteran who has worked in the field of virtual simulation research for more than ten years, he has a deep understanding of the development process, development trend and development bottleneck of the entire industry. "Virtual simulation is a form of expression of knowledge or content." Li Yan believes.

“Virtual simulation has become very hot in recent years, but it has been used in the military field for decades.” Li Yan said, “But virtual simulations range from cold to hot, from hot to cold. Why is there no way? Achieve a wide range of applications? In the past two years, all of them have been engaged in virtual simulation + entertainment. Later, they found that this road is not very smooth, and they began to return, continuing the previous virtual simulation + training, virtual simulation + education, but always It has not expanded from a niche area to the mass field, which is determined by the nature of the industry itself."

"On the one hand, the virtual simulation system is expensive, the scale of funding is as low as several hundred thousand to several million, and many are tens of millions; on the other hand, the traditional virtual simulation system is mostly limited to offline applications, subject to the number of regions and equipment. Such restrictions, the number of service groups is small, the system's input-output ratio is not high. This is the virtual simulation industry is widely valued in all walks of life but still tepid, the content can not be explosive growth, the application can not be explosively promoted the reason."

Li Yan tried to promote the application of virtual simulation from niche to mass. The solution is to make virtual simulation go to the Internet, move offline applications to online, and transform traditional project-based mode into service-oriented mode, that is, virtual simulation system development. Instead of looking for customers in the traditional way, software and hardware development and deployment, the application will be applied to the cloud through the network.

Users do not need to invest a lot of money to purchase the system at one time, but use the system by purchasing services online.

In this way, users who have potential needs but cannot purchase the system also have the opportunity to use it, greatly expanding the size of the target user group. Eventually, under the network multiplier effect, system developers can find more users through the Internet, allowing users to easily find more applications through the Internet.


After leaving the Naval Academy, Li Yan founded “Zhicheng Technology” in Dalian. This is a company specializing in military-civilian integration projects. In just two years, the military has a full range of wages, mainly engaged in decision support, simulation and other fields. business. This allowed Li Yan to have a small gain, and the annual business contract amount exceeded 10 million, initially obtaining the original accumulation.

To do military-civilian integration projects, all kinds of qualifications are required, and there are certain barriers. If you continue to do so, you can say that the wealth is not good. However, after two years, Li Yan made another jaw-dropping decision. He sold the company and re-registered the company in Beijing.

At that time, there were companies that offered tens of millions of dollars for this purpose. The only condition proposed by the other party was that Li Yan himself had to stay in the company. This is precisely what Li Yan cannot accept. He used to cage the bird for a broader world, to achieve greater ambition, although after the promise, immediately worth tens of millions, but Li Yan is still rumored to decline.

In Li Yan's eyes, there are three stages for the company's operation. The initial stage is to do the project. The advantage of doing the project is that the work is carried out, the risk is controllable, and the accumulation can be completed quickly, but the company's ceiling is not high and it is difficult to enlarge; In addition, as a product, as long as the product is competitive, the market may tend to be stable for a period of time; the most competitive is to do the service, which is the business map that Li Yan will focus on. "As long as you use it, I will You can collect money every year."

In November 2016, Li Yan re-registered the company in Beijing, named "Parallel Cloud", and strategically launched the "Virtual Simulation Internet Application Cloud Service" sword.

"In Dalian, if you want to do such a platform, there will be a big bottleneck. Talent, team, and customers are not very supportive. Think again and again, I think I will come back again in Beijing!"


(High-tech "parallel cloud" team)

At first, Li Yan did not rush to expand customers. His idea was to find a group of seed customers, and everyone to build an industry ecology, to explore together and make the industry transparent.

Li Yan took "parallel cloud + vocational education" as an example. In the past, some vocational training was basically limited to offline. Not only did the school have to invest a large amount of money to build a special virtual simulation training classroom, but the students also had to go to the scene to practice. The person in charge of the school reported that if the distance is more than one hour, the enthusiasm of the students will be greatly reduced. Before, the training fee was 1,860 yuan, and the number of students recruited was limited. Now through the cloud platform, even if the income of 860 yuan is calculated, the number of students has increased significantly.

The parallel cloud is designed to promote the virtual simulation of popular applications, so that the original supply and demand side experience is upgraded.


(Parallel Cloud founder Li Yan and co-founder Shen Qiu)

Shen Qiu graduated from the Junior College of China University of Science and Technology and was a Ph.D.. He once worked in a university in Nanjing. After a long journey, he went to Dalian to start a business with Li Yan, and then moved the team to Beijing. "Shen Qiu and I are all people with positive energy. On the road to entrepreneurship, there are inevitably various setbacks, but we can all face it positively. Without her, there is no parallel cloud today." Li Yan commented on his partner. .

In addition, Shen Qiu is still the girlfriend of Mrs. Li Yan. They polished BP together from the beginning of the business, led the team to carry out technical research, and visited customers together. It can be said that the “parallel cloud” brought these two parallel people together and devoted themselves to the common cause.

Li Yan said that he has always met an expensive person in his life, but his greatest noble person is his wife. Not only did he bring him the best co-founder, but Du Wenjun, a partner who later joined, was also the husband of his wife's office colleagues. "We have also known Du Wenjun for many years. He has worked at HP for more than ten years. His participation has made up for the shortcomings of our team in cloud computing and large-scale system development."

Perhaps, precisely because there is such a "noble" behind the silent support, Li Yancai can be as firm as a rock, can you turn your back on it, can you fully engage in the ideal chase?

One day, when we use the mobile phone, tablet or computer to enjoy the virtual simulation of the interactive experience, it is as convenient as using the video service that is called on-demand. Is there a name called “parallel cloud” behind it? And his partner is working hard and dreaming of it?

Plugging in the virtual simulation of the Internet wings, because of the "parallel cloud" and the announcement of a new era, it is happening around us.