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Maker's biography|He firmly believes that one day the world will fall in love with Chinese liquor

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Maker's biography: to convey the voice of the makers, explore the innovative ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

He became attached to the wine and gave the liquor a new era of creative soul. Today, when imported wine is popular, he firmly believes that one day Chinese liquor can also be placed on the bar of every bar in the world.

There are not a few who develop hobbies into careers. However, if you like the things in the cup, you can get rid of the rules and regulations of the wine culture for thousands of years, and make new ideas and ideas. If Li Yi is not the first person, it is also unique. Only. Since the third year of this year, he has been working in different companies since he was a junior high school. He has experienced different positions and positions, and finally followed the memory and love of taste buds. He founded Bailu Wine and served as CEO. Starting a professional drinker's career, this issue of "Creator Biography", let us approach Li Yi and his "drink" proud of the liquor creative symphony!





Li Yi claimed to like drinking, especially white wine. "The ancient sages are lonely, but the drinkers leave their names." But he really wants to make wine, probably from the spring of 2013.

At that time, accidental opportunity, Li Yi came to Chengdu, the first time to participate in the sugar and wine party. He recalled that he was completely shocked. "It is completely a show that occupies a city that is hot enough to kill the Spring Festival. You can't imagine a variety of 'vulnerable' products that can be in short supply."

Li Yi, who was looking for an opportunity to do something, was excited at that moment. Why not find a chance in this market? Go back to Beijing and hit it with your friends. Then make wine, you can't sell at least you can drink it yourself. Li Yi thought so.


After deciding to make wine, Li Yi did not act immediately. Rather, it is extremely rational to find out how to do it and how to do it.

He is more like a pragmatic idealist. He didn't want to make any wine brand he saw at the sugar party. From the idea of ​​making wine in 2013 to the project, he and his partner actually spent a whole year.

The domestic liquor market is fiercely competitive. Most young people choose to “escape” liquor. Where are the futures and consumption scenarios of liquor? In fact, foreigners also like to drink, but they only drink white wine in China, and they don’t drink after going back. Why? Can we find a breakthrough here? Li Yi is thinking.

To conquer the international market, the first step should be to conquer the young domestic market. Can we pull the young people back and let them re-appreciate the white wine?! In bars and nightclubs, it has always been the world of imported wine. The concept of healthy drinking, as well as the pursuit of red wine and wine, made the high-alcoholic Chinese liquor completely fall in the bar.

Just do it! Li Yi decided to build a liquor brand that is completely aimed at young people, and named it “漾” wine, which is derived from English young, “My youth is sealed here” is the first wine Symbol of the series. The brand positioning of alcoholism is “youth, fashion, international style”.


(The Alcoholic Logo is full of Virgo style)

"I always thought that the reason why Chinese liquor can't go out is because of the cultural differences between East and West. But liquor is actually a good thing. It carries the culture that the Chinese nation has deposited for five thousand years. The liquor goes to the world is a very good cultural output. China's good things are worth sharing with the world." Li Yiru said.

In the design of alcoholic brand planning, the idea is to let foreigners get it at a glance. This is from China. "The logo of alcoholism is a Chinese character, simple atmosphere, English is mainly based on young, but g is ingenious. Handled into the number 9, in Chinese culture, 9 and wine homophonic, also means long and long."


Maybe, never look back, your every step has value, it is every day in the past, you are today. The reason why Li Yi became the brand promoter of liquor brand, the experience of this collection should not be ignored.

Li Yi University is studying the tourism management major of Beijing Jiaotong University. "At the time, at school, I didn't study well, but I participated in various social activities." Li Yi said modestly. In July 2010, Li Yi won the honorary title of “Beijing Outstanding Graduates” and walked out of the campus.

However, in 2009, he had already worked as an intern at an advertising company and was promoted from an intern to a department manager. “Sometimes, I have to be responsible for the client's advertising copywriting and project planning,” Li Yi recalled. “Planning is an important means of giving the soul of the project.”

From branding to design, alcoholism seems so systematic and complete, and it is thought that there must be a professional design company behind it. But these are all built by Li Yi's own team.

The superior planning and design capabilities make Li Yi's brand team stand out from the start. Li Yi's transformation of liquor is from the outside to the inside. “Traditional liquor has a complicated design and is packed with colorful flowers. It is difficult to attract young people.” They intend to make the design of alcoholic packaging and wines higher, and integrate the Chinese concept of the heaven and earth, and design the bottle to be below the upper circle. The size is just right for one hand. On the outer packaging, go to the shackles, return to simplicity, and sculpt the Japanese style of white and Zen.

In the row of liquor brands, alcoholism seems to be out of place, just like a clear stream, waiting for the hospitality of the years, waiting for the appreciation of the companion.

The first batch of alcoholism produced only 2,000 cases. "It’s sold out in about three months. I still have dozens of boxes left. I don’t want to sell it. Keep yourself drinking slowly.” The small goal of making wine for yourself is realized, but it’s not sold out. It is a collection of cherished treasures.


There was a small amount of alcoholism, and Li Yi did not let himself expand. On the contrary, he always precipitates in reflection. He will continue to think about the brand's connotation and cultural appeals, as well as the enthusiasm of young people. "I always feel that I still have a little meaning."

Just as Li Yi was introspected, there was a liquor that went to the north and south with its unique brand planning and quotations. This brought inspiration to Li Yi.

If selling quotations is feasible, then what about selling stories? Selling young people’s youth and growth, and presenting them in the form of young people’s favorite comics?

"You buy comics and send you a bottle of wine." Li Yi's well-planned Bailu wine business card "Zhang Xiaoluo de story" came into being.


(Original North drift comics wine "Zhang Xiaoluo" family)

At the beginning of 2015, he participated in the entrepreneurial competition of his alma mater, Beijing Jiaotong University, with alcoholism and another small wine "Zhang Xiaoluo", which is the original Beihuai comics. He went all the way to the competition and Bailu was recommended to participate in Beijing.

Since then, Li Li has put on the soul of Wen Chuang under the fencing of Li Yi, giving an independent brand story.

After the contest of the entrepreneurial competition, Li Yi met the Shanxi Liquor Group, which he called one of the most valuable people.

In the international wine brand, 40 degrees is like a classic degree. Most international brands do 40 degrees, while Chinese liquors focus on more than 50 degrees of high alcohol liquor. This adds a threshold to the invisible entry of Chinese liquor into the international market.

Starting from making wine, the wine that is determined to "let the world fall in love with Chinese liquor" is in line with the wine, producing 40-degree white wine. Later, in order to reflect the Chinese elements, Li Yi set the alcohol level at 39.9 degrees, which is full of Chinese auspicious numbers. Degrees, but in the high-alcoholic liquor market, this is no different.

In China, the fragrant liquor is more suitable for young people, and it is more in line with the international taste and is more likely to impress the international market. Alcoholism is undoubtedly the leader in fragrant white wine. Cooperating with the Alcohol Group will ensure that the quality and capacity of the products will be guaranteed and will be higher.

Li Yi is very excited. Everything is going to happen. It is like a good wine, has experienced mature, and exudes a charming fragrance. The liquor that Li Yi envisioned to be able to make cocktails was finally unsealed in alcoholism.

After seven or eight rounds of modulation, the winery finally picked up the white wine suitable for cocktails. "Liquor itself is more fragrant than foreign wine. Adding soft drink modulation can cover up the bitter taste of Daqu. Drinking habits will make you feel better than foreign wine."




(Mysterious black bottle series is coming soon)



In addition, Li Yi also introduced a patented technology, specially modified the bottle mouth, replaced the threaded bottle cap with a polymer plug, "convenient to put into the mouth of the wine."

So far, the wine brand launched by Bailu and the story of Zhang Xiaoluo have become the unique scenery of the wine forest. From the planners, there is a professional wine tasting mouth, Li Yi as the founder, injecting the soul into the Bailu brand, wine, character, product, product and product, is the brand's way of life. It is also the most worthy of our expectation and tasting.

Telling the story of youth, sealing the taste of youth, gathering together in the furnace, may wish to come to a bottle of alcohol; North drifting before the road is ignorant, why not come to a bottle of Zhang Xiaowei soothe lingering loneliness? Come, cheers, not drunk Return! (Alcohol: "I am at the Tmall Liquor Flagship Store, come and poke me.")

At the same time of designing the product, Li Yi quietly added the word "technology" to the company name. When we differed in the addition of a cultural innovation, how can we get along with the word "technology", Li Yi took out More than ten patent materials, except for various appearance patents, only nearly ten inventions and utility models. "Technology is the future. Since we have chosen to give the liquor revolution, we have to completely optimize Chinese liquor like the ancestors invented distilled liquor, instead of simply changing the bottle and can," let the world fall in love with Chinese liquor, maybe It will be realized soon.