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Creativity is rumored to be a Ph.D. student at the School of Liberal Arts of Renmin University of China, who loves mountaineering and literature. He also strives to create the "Four Seasons Troupe" of the Chinese campus version through the enthusiasm of di

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Maker's biography: to convey the voice of the makers, explore the innovative ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

Zou Yu was born in 1989 in the hometown of Da Wenhao Su Shi, Sichuan, Meishan, but he laughed and said that he loves literature and has nothing to do with Mr. Dong Po. At present, Zou Yu, who is still studying for a doctorate at the School of Liberal Arts of Renmin University of China, looks quite Sven, but his heart is full of passion. From the freshman year, he joined the school’s “self-tourist” community and has participated in scientific research many times. Mountaineering activities. He said, "We have quite a lot of people starting business. Everyone often joked that it is 'freedom and self-satisfaction, can't stand it.'" This issue of the creator of the story brings you closer to the "Song Meng Culture" co-founder Zou Wei, listen to him talk about the entrepreneurial drama in the ivory tower!

From watching a movie to acting

"The drama is more, it is played out." Zou Yu believes that "the earliest only because a group of people love to watch drama, but they are all students, not much money, and the fare is relatively expensive, so I will try to find a student. Tickets, later, simply set up the three non-governmental organizations 'Beijing University Drama Student Union', and then sell sales student tickets, this is the predecessor of 'Song Meng'."


(Sven in Zevenwen, passion in the bones)


  Zou Wei said that in fact, in colleges and universities, drama has many fans. The campus is always the literary and artistic vitality. Teachers and students are not only exposed to drama in daily teaching life, but also a more monotonous after-school life, which also makes students eager to enjoy high-quality art performances. The real thing that keeps college students out of the door is the fare. Zou Yu said frankly, "The drama is to let the high-quality drama go to the public life at a relatively high price, bring high-quality drama to the campus, and let the campus drama go out of the campus."

In 2012, Drama grew up from the National People's Congress and expanded into more than a dozen colleges and universities in Beijing through offline agency channels. "At that time, I sold tickets, but I still relied on Fetion. After I got the tickets, I sent a message. People added Feixin. Because of the influx of people in a short period of time, the computer often took the opportunity."

Although offline sales, the efficiency value is lower, but because they are face-to-face sales, they know each other well, they can gather popularity and form trust. In the years when the social economy has not yet become a climate, the drama community has taken shape and formed. Higher viscosity. Even after some people graduated, they also bought tickets through the fun channel to miss their time.

After two years of student ticket agency, "Song Meng" gradually established its own reputation, accumulated upstream and downstream resources, and the business direction also shifted from a simple ticket agent to a performance plan. In 2014, Dr. Meng reached a cooperation with Meng Jinghui Studio and introduced the classic work "Rhinoceros in Love" to the campus of the National People's Congress. The venue and the performance resources are just a hit, and the fare is only half of the market price, so that the first step of the transformation of the drama is to first taste the victory.

“When we docked with the studios such as Happy Twist and Meng Jinghui, we found that they were very interested in the university market.” Zou Wei emphasized, “They are willing to walk into the campus, the main purpose is not to make a profit, but more importantly, to cultivate the market and cultivate the drama. Crowd. However, they do not have their own channels, and the management of these schools is not uniform. Through the drama platform, these pain points can be solved, and in addition, the student tickets can be guaranteed to be sold to the students."


"In fact, entrepreneurship is like climbing, setting goals, and spare no effort to achieve this goal." Zou Yu said. From the beginning of the freshman year, Zou Yu joined the NPC campus community “self-tourist”. It was because of joining the same society that Zou Yu and Liu Wei became attached to each other and gradually developed into business partners.

“I have participated in many summer scientific expeditions and mountaineering activities. Now I look back, like going to the Ali area of ​​Tibet for social research, or going to climb the snow-capped mountains, etc., the whole activity is completed from scratch, and this is done with entrepreneurship. The experience is too much."


(Zou Yu, who is deeply in the world of no one, is calm in the world)


  Zou Yu said that the creation of the drama, the impact on him can be summarized into four words - heart wide body fat. In the process of solving one problem after another with the love of drama and the spirit of self-seeking people who are not afraid of climbing and climbing, he feels that his state of mind has changed: "Initiatives, many things are the first time. Faced, especially difficult, the biggest impact is to make us more comfortable facing the difficulties."

In 2015, when the founders of the “Beijing University Drama Student League” were established, they may face pressure to go to school or are about to enter the workplace. Everyone faces a crossroads where they are going to work. “Why don’t we think of drama as a career? Let's do it? "Maybe, this is the voice of every song!" Out of the feelings of "playing Meng", it is a beautiful expectation for the future. Everyone decides to stay and protect the heart." The bud of drama."


(The drama of the team, guarding the bud of the drama in the heart)


  Since then, "Song Meng Culture" has come from the niche of student civil society. In 2015, it achieved remarkable results. It not only reached exclusive cooperation with famous institutions such as the National Theatre, Meng Jinghui Studio, Fanxing Drama Village, Beijing Renyi, and Happy Twist, but also reached a venue cooperation with many universities such as Renmin University. The agreement has successfully bridged the gap between excellent drama and campus.

Aiming at world class

"The Japanese Four Seasons Troupe, known as the independent troupe in the history of drama," said Zou Yu, "As the largest theater company in Japan, this troupe with more than 60 years of history has an annual income of nearly 2 billion yuan, and box office revenue accounts for about the Japanese performance industry. About 1/6, with 10 theaters, performing for many years, performing more than 3,000 performances per year, and more than 3 million viewers. The Four Seasons Theatre Company can be said to be the benchmark and direction of the entire drama industry!"

At present, the core business of Meng Meng consists of three major levels, namely, the performance of the business, the delivery of excellent drama into the campus; through the ticket service, open up new channels for arts and cultural performance; through the drama IP incubation, to explore talents, cultivate talents, polish excellent scripts and works . Among them, the ticketing service business has provided more than 200,000 drama lovers for many years, of which the repurchase rate is as high as 40%, and the excellent repertoire of cooperation exceeds 1,000.


(rooted in the NPC's entrepreneurial team, from the National People's Congress, looking forward to the future)

Moreover, the drama can also be customized for third-party institutions, such as the short-tailed drama "Sui Wai Chuan" customized for COFCO, the short drama "Cheat Company" customized for China Merchants Bank, "Debt Cloud", etc., are highly praised. On the one hand, it is conducive to the discovery of excellent scripts and performing talents on campus. On the other hand, it can win the stable sponsors of the drama brand and further enlarge the channel value and liquidity of the drama.

Zou Wei said that the focus of the recent drama is still on the expansion of channels, and vigorously promote the "One School Ten Plays, Ten Plays and One Hundred Schools" program, and strive to increase the annual performances of the National People's Congress to five or sixty games, basically reaching one per week. The field, and then use the National People's Congress as a template to copy and promote the formation of Beijing university performances. ”

"Of course, we have also expanded our eyes to the whole country." Zou Yu said that in the next one to two years, the drama will go out of Beijing, lock the first line of colleges and universities and the provincial capital to create a regional center, forming an interactive and shared national college performing arts ecology. At that time, the drama will grow from the bud.

At present, Drama is seeking angelic financing, and many investment institutions have already thrown olive branches on it. Zou Yu believes that the drama is now in a critical period of development, but just like mountain climbing, the road to the upside must be climbed step by step, and one step cannot be emptied.

“Mountain is there”, Zou Wei said that we not only hope to become the first brand of campus stage performance, but also hope to promote drama culture, spread artistic spirit and cultivate drama talents! Undergraduate studies are management studies, graduate students of ancient Chinese literature, Ph.D. It is Chinese classical philology, and what will be left to Zou Yu who will graduate next year, let us wait and see!