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Maker's biography|He, just in the early years, from the internship generation to the president, took a monthly salary of 450 yuan, but has no ambiguity for ten years, and is determined to benefit the peasants and benefit the eater.

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  Maker's biography: to convey the voice of the makers, explore the innovative ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

In the maker town, there are fewer entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, and it is rare to start from the source of ecological agriculture technology and to build an industrial chain and promote industrial upgrading. In the trend of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Song and Yuan Dynasties is a special existence. He feels like his name is classical, steady and mature. Song Yuan said, I am a forgotten person. The past experience is all the things that can be remembered. I can remember that it is a happy thing. Perhaps this is the beauty of the "subtle army" that he created by hand. Let us approach the simple and talkative, with a cold and humorous Song Yuan - his official rise is the president of Beijing Baifeng Tianxia Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


"Look, this cucumber, you cut it off, you can also go back, because the organic matter (organic nutrition) secreted by cucumber is enough mucus, and the ordinary cucumber bought on the market is not sticky, it is rather embarrassing." Song Yuanbian said how to identify a good cucumber. “What does this mean? It shows that the cucumbers that are heartless are not nutritious because they lack the necessary organic matter and trace elements in their growth. The cucumbers we eat now, 40 nutrients may be equivalent to one that we eat when we were young.”

Song Yuan, who seems to be silent, mentions the profession and immediately transforms himself. As a veteran who has been in business for 8 years in the field of ecological agriculture, his rich experience and depth of thinking have become an expert figure.


(A small cucumber nutrition geometry? Song Yuan reveals your secret)


  Perhaps, the time goes back to ten years ago, when Song Yuan, who was in the 20th year of the year, never dreamed of dreaming. One day, he would become the gatekeeper of natural farming law, and he would talk about it because of a cucumber. He should be in charge of high-end office buildings and become a professional manager, rather than a "new farmer" with his feet stuck to the mud.

In 2006, the 19-year-old Song Yuan came to Shanxi from a prestigious university in Shanxi to study business administration. He loves interpersonal communication and is very active in thinking. He also served as the president of the student union. At the same time, he also initiated the establishment of a business club in the school. Since it is often necessary to report to the principal, one after the other, Song Yuan and the principal are familiar with each other and have won the favor of the principal.

In the third year of the junior year, the principal introduced Song Yuan to a friend. This is Dr. Xu Huilian, a world-renowned agronomist.


(World famous agricultural expert Dr. Xu Huilian)


  Dr. Xu Huilian, as the representative of the only agricultural outlet in the 1983 national public student, went to Japan to study. In 1989, Xu Huilian did not rush to return to China after obtaining a doctorate in agricultural biology from the University of Tokyo. Instead, he chose to continue his studies. In 1991, he received a postdoctoral degree from the Institute of Precision Chemicals. Dr. Xu Huilian, who wanted to climb a higher peak in the agricultural field, did not stop. Instead, he chose to leave Japan in April of the same year and went to the Faculty of Food and Agriculture of Laval University in Canada to continue research on facility horticulture. In 1993, he won a postdoctoral fellowship and stayed in school. As an associate professor.

Three years later, he returned to Japan and entered the International Research and Development Center for Natural Agricultural Law of the Japanese Foundation. He served as deputy director and chief scientist for more than 20 years. In 2008, Dr. Xu Huilian returned to China with his own international agricultural agriculture cutting-edge technology system “Natural Agricultural Law”. One year later, Baifeng Biotechnology, which is based on “Natural Agricultural Law” technology, studied in Zhongguancun Haidian. The Pioneer Park was established.

At the beginning of its establishment, Baiye was waiting to be promoted. No talent is needed to join. At that time, Song Yuan was an intern and was recommended by the principal to Dr. Xu Huilian. “Dr. Xu Huilian is a member of the Standards Committee of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. He has drawn a systematic theory on the mechanism of plant drought resistance in agronomy and microbiology research and explained crop pathogenesis and preventive measures from nitrogen nutrient metabolism.” Song Yuan Introduced.

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Ten years ago, although China's food safety problem has surfaced, it has not yet become a hot spot of the times, and the development of ecological agriculture is still struggling. Dr. Xu Huilian returned to China with international advanced natural agricultural technology in 2008. Although he has a certain forward-looking nature, he is still too advanced and has encountered many difficulties.

By 2009, in just one year, Dr. Xu Huilian’s partner had withdrawn from the team because the project could not be marketed. However, Song Yuan, who was only an intern at the time, keenly captured such information. "Natural farming law" must be the direction of future agricultural development.

In the past 100 years, China's agriculture has continued to experience an industrial revolution. The modernization of agriculture has greatly improved the utilization rate of cultivated land. We often say that China uses only 7% of the world's cultivated land to support 22% of the world's population and create the world. miracle. Behind such a surprising set of numbers, there is a little-known secret – China consumes 35% of the world's fertilizers and pesticides and is the world's largest fertilizer and pesticide user. "It's time to start a new era." Song Yuan believes. “How we cultivate in a more natural way, not only to meet the growing needs of mankind, but also to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.”


(On the podium, I got the Song Yuan of the pig house)


  Song Yuan, 22, took the courage to take over the baton and re-established the team with Dr. Xu Huilian to create a brand-new “Baifeng Bio” and mobilized 6 people from the classmates to join in and add fresh blood.

But the difficulty did not give way. In the five years since 2009-2013, Baifeng Bio has always provided technical services as the main means of livelihood, barely survived, and delayed to find a reasonable business model to make technology successful. "The days were the most difficult days for us. The company almost turned around all the areas in the land and continued to move. It was not that the rent could not be rushed out, that is, the company’s short-term development was good, and the original office space could not be carried. Space." Song Yuan recalled. "In the most bitter days of 2009, several of us only took a monthly salary of 450 yuan and lived in the basement."

The Song and Yuan Dynasties know that in the face of the future, Baifeng Bio will “go back and retreat”. “If you continue to work, you will not find a business model. The company will face a crisis of life and death.” Fortunately, Baifeng’s natural agricultural technology system always has The core competitiveness, although nine deaths, has gradually accumulated a little home.

"We all say that our technology is good, but most people can't see it. Why don't we make a farm ourselves and become our practice platform and technology display window." Song Yuan said, "Some of us are so naive."

In 2013, Song Yuan leased a 100-acre farm in Xiaotangshan, Changping, and moved the company. I invested more than 1 million in this and tried to make this a technology incubator. However, there is always a distance between dreams and reality. "The result of the final harvest is to lose 70 million. The accumulated base of the previous family has also been exhausted." Song Yuan smiled bitterly.

In the autumn of crisis, the pressure on the Song and Yuan Dynasties is beyond words. He realized that letting the company grow explosively, the productization of Dr. Xu’s technical theory is the only way, and the self-built incubator platform failed in the first battle, but let him Seeing the limitations and shortcomings of technology, Song Yuan faintly felt that the future was clearer than ever.


Today's China, and even today's world, needs a guardian of food safety, especially the Guardian of the problems encountered in agricultural production from the root cause. Baifeng Bio, founded by internationally renowned agronomist Dr. Xu Huilian in 2009, is a forward-looking understanding of the future of China's agriculture needs to be based on environmentally friendly and sustainable development, with soil remediation as the core policy and quality assurance as the fundamental Objective: To launch a new agricultural production model based on the "Natural Agricultural Law" and a one-stop integration program, and to independently develop a fertilizer and pesticide substitute based on compound probiotic fermentation, with a unique independent innovation model, Returning to nature and learning from nature "run through the entire production process of rebuilding food.

The so-called "natural farming law" is to follow the laws of nature, restore the natural ecological agricultural production methods, and establish a new ecological balance system. The natural agricultural law has a set of strict technical systems. The core measures are “bacterial inhibition, insect control, and grass control”, and follow the five concepts of ecology, environmental protection, zero residue, circulation and balance. In the production of natural agricultural methods, only plant sources, biological sources, and mineral source materials are used, and chemical compounds such as chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides are not used to form a sustainable and ecologically harmonious agricultural production model.

Under the leadership of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, a new generation of food-grade ecological agricultural resources "micro-competition" Nirvana was born. “Subtle” refers to subtle microbial individuals and subtle reactions between microbial individuals. The "corps" represents a group of hundreds of billions of microbial flora, and it also has a powerful effect. From the perspective of agronomy, there are three systems in nature from production to decomposition: plants are producers, animals are consumers, and microorganisms are decomposers. These three constitute a complete cycle of nature. In contrast to today's agricultural production, microbial technology is almost completely ignored.


(Subtle Legion Family Series Product Architecture Diagram)



"We have repeatedly emphasized the expansion of agricultural production, but have neglected the microbial decomposition process. This link, in today's agricultural production expansion, can only be done by relying solely on the strength of nature itself. The natural circulation system of the earth has been artificially Broke, the biggest significance of our launch of the 'subtle army' is to enlarge the microbial decomposition and return the natural circulation to balance." Song Yuan said.

Taking "Natural Agricultural Law" as the core technical concept, in 2013-2016, the subtle army has carried out research and development of two generations of products over three years, and established a salt-resistant synthetic probiotic fermentation research and development platform for fermentation, compounding and sequestration of plants. Functional food-grade ingredients such as source, biological source and mineral source cover 8 series of soil remediation, straw returning, organic fertilizer, biological bacterial fertilizer, pest control, quality improvement and efficiency improvement. A total of 23 products of a full set of agricultural materials, of which 12 products have been approved by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Information Committee, the Housing Construction Committee, the Quality Supervision Bureau, and the Zhongguancun Management Committee. .

In January 2017, the Song and Yuan Dynasties took the list of fertilizers and pesticides that could be drunk, the “Wo Tujing and Jiangxianghe” series products, and embarked on the stage of “Creating China”, which shocked the industry. However, this alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides is not a beverage, but a probiotic, mainly developed to improve soil organic matter.

The series of products of the delicate army group will "phase and" all-element chelating biological bacterial fertilizer, the first "water + bacteria + medicine + fertilizer integration" product form, the plant must have 13 nutrient elements and probiotics compounded, both The quick effect of chemical fertilizers, the long-lasting effect of organic fertilizers, and the synergistic effect of biological bacterial fertilizers. While supplementing probiotics, it fundamentally guarantees the nutritional supply of plant bacteria and ensures that 100% of nutrients are absorbed and utilized. Not only to protect the healthy growth of seasonal crops, but also to make the soil continue to be repaired and improved, allowing the soil to enter a virtuous circle and enhance the ground force.


(Military Legion Product Family Portrait)



Obviously, the subtle Legion products represented by “Phase, Membrane, Qingjun, and Insects” have truly practiced the idea of ​​returning agriculture to nature. At present, the complete 23 products of the Subtle Legion are composed of soil restoration, replacement of fertilizer, alternative pesticides and smart agriculture.

After nearly 4 years of product research and development, the new generation of food-grade ecological agricultural products of the Subtle Legion has been continuously improved, not only can completely replace fertilizers and pesticides, but also achieve zero pesticide residues. In May 2016, the Subtle Legion established an independent R&D base in Dezhou, Shandong Province, using a first-class integrated microbial fertilizer and intelligent linkage production line with a production capacity of 20,000 tons and an output value of 360 million. The C2F personalized product customization was realized, and the Yangtze River Delta and Xinjiang were launched at the same time. Waiting to deploy 8 production bases. In June of the same year, the first product demonstration base of the delicate army was settled in the Changping Donguo Fruit Ecological Park in Beijing, and various fruits such as strawberries, apples, and raspberries were planted according to the natural agricultural method. More than 180 pesticide residues were tested by SGS and Penny. .

Up to now, the Subtle Legion has established 12 natural agricultural law demonstration bases. In the future, the Subtle Legion will establish a regional operation subsidiary in each province (currently 5 have been launched) to help local agricultural supply side reform and agricultural product quality improvement. The Subtle Legion also creatively launched a new closed-loop agricultural solution for “Five Agricultural and Rural Integration” (new farmers, new agricultural materials, new agricultural technologies, new agricultural machinery, good agricultural products), and is committed to becoming an important force in the transformation of China's agricultural production model. .

In the eyes of many people, Song Yuan is young and promising. The company's core business is in the era of ecological agriculture, and there are world-class agronomists as technical backing, but his hard work as an entrepreneur, such as drinking water, is warm and self-aware.

"Ma Yun said that today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow will be very beautiful, but most people will die tomorrow night. I am deeply inspired by Ma Yun. I can persist, first of all because of my character. I am the kind of person who must go to the end of a road." Song Yuan said. "In addition, we also see more and more entrepreneurs around us sticking their teeth, even some female entrepreneurs are breaking through the shackles, successful entrepreneurship, and let us not give up the reasons."

Under the guidance and support of Dr. Xu Huilian, Song Yuan and his delicate army clearly described their mission - "for the benefit of the cultivators and the benefit of the eater", the delicate army, and strive to promote the field from the field through natural farming methods. The change of the table not only allows the producers to work in a more natural, environmentally friendly and efficient way, but also enjoys the respect and recognition of the society. At the same time, the food consumers can also eat safe, healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables. But every step of his efforts and adjustments also brings us spiritual food, which makes us more brave, more persevering, more optimistic and calm, the future is bright, the road is tortuous, isn't it? Hello in the future!