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Maker's biography|In the 89 years, he did not have a flash of the famous school resume, but the three major research institutes were hired. The "Iron Man Technology" he built was even received by the two deputy prime ministers.

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  Maker's biography: to convey the voice of the makers, explore the innovative ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

Everyone has a dream of Iron Man in his heart. However, for many people, it can only be a dream. Only a very small number of "heterogeneous" can turn dreams into reality and have the ability to turn dreams into reality! Zhang Rui, the founder of "Iron Man Technology", whose core business is the core business, and his team, are such a minority. They help China to reduce the gap between humanoid robots and the world at an amazing speed. I firmly believe that the future will be able to stand at the top of the world! In this issue of "Creator Biography", let us approach Zhang Rui, the founder of "Iron Man Technology", and his robot dream, let us dream of horses and see robots unknown. secret!




When Zhang Rui stood in front of you, you will feel that he is the young version of Gao Hongbo. Thin, simple, calm, but passionate in the bones. He is a natural technology flow with a heart of the heart, without the slightest glitz, his obsession with the humanoid robot is beyond ordinary people. Of course, his talent and diligence are also different from ordinary people. He talks about "Iron Man" and he from the university. When it comes to the story of entrepreneurship, the clear and calm, clearly with the shackles of the big boys next door, is very close to people. It turns out that Qingdao not only produces beer and cinema, but also the robot dreamer in the world. !

No famous school background, only work harder

Ten years ago, when Qingdao Boy Zhang Rui filled out the college entrance examination volunteers, he chose a university in a city in Beijing. His professional report was automation. "There are five Shandong people in our college. I have the worst score among the five people, but the five of us are the top five in the whole hospital." Zhang Rui recalled. "Our students from Shandong have a good college entrance examination score, but even then, they can't go to the top universities."

At first, Zhang Rui did not think that the school had any similarities and differences, until one day he met a grandfather, the old man came to a long time, "Oh, XX University seems to be normal!" Zhang Rui is awake, but he does not Complaining, on the contrary, he motivated himself. Since the school is not famous, I will work harder!

From the second year of college, Zhang Rui began to participate in some large and small competitions, such as the National Mathematical Modeling Contest, e-sports, virtual instrument design competition, etc. In the competition, he gradually emerged and continued to obtain provincial and national levels. In addition, he also served as the head of the Beijing University Student Research Project.

In the third year, as an undergraduate student, Zhang Rui published the first paper of his life, which was published in the Journal of Instrumentation by the first author. This made many teachers stunned, masters or doctors, and the papers were counted. Normally, an undergraduate junior is sending a thesis, which is incredible. This must not be written by himself! When he was in the fourth grade, Zhang Rui sent another paper. This time, he ate a long and wise Zhang Rui directly became the only author.

After graduation, it happened to be recruited by Beihang UAV. As the head of the four major UAVs in China, the institute has always recruited doctors and masters. However, Zhang Rui’s resume is too unstoppable. “The teachers read my resume and thought it was incredible. How can an undergraduate student have such a rich resume and get so many awards? Isn’t this a compilation?” Zhang Rui said, “When interviewing The teacher asked me to bring the certificate of the award. I just carried the certificate of a school bag in the past."

Real gold is not afraid of fire. Zhang Rui was hired by Beihang UAV with unquestionable strength.

Concentrate on

"Because the first job after graduation is the underlying research and development, now all the underlying work of Iron Man is done by myself, which is the difference between us and other robot companies." Zhang Rui said.

Not long after, Zhang Rui was discovered by the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences next door to Beihang. The teacher of the Institute of Automation invited Zhang Rui to visit their labs, participate in academic seminars, and invited Zhang Rui to work at the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Under the invitation of the teachers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Rui joined the Institute of Automation to work on complex system modeling and algorithm simulation. During this one-year period, he constantly precipitated himself. One year later, he was not satisfied with theoretical research and his preference for large-scale projects. He began to develop new ideas and eager for new challenges. So Zhang Rui joined the Aerospace Academy and worked on the research and development of the XX satellite.

Favorite robot

"If I am alive, there is still something worth doing, and that is a big-footed humanoid robot." Zhang Ruiyi said with a piece of iron.


(3 generation robots independently developed by Iron Man)



Zhang Rui chose robot entrepreneurship, which is an inevitable road! He studied automation. At that time, in the absence of robotics in China, automation was the closest professional to robots. "At first, I didn't really want to start a business in the past. I just wanted to be a robot to play, do it, and some people are interested. Then I joined together and made a team." Zhang Rui said. “So, members of Iron Man Technology came together by interest. Everyone came together with interest and wanted to make some changes to the level of Chinese robotics.

Of course, Zhang Rui also has a keen insight into the broad prospects of humanoid robots with his unique perspective. "For me, this must be a promising future. Many people are not people in the robot industry. Their views do not represent the trend of the industry. The second point is that they particularly like it."

However, the humanoid robot that Zhang Rui and his team challenged was the highest level in the field of robotics. There are only a few top companies and institutions in the world. For example, Boston Dynamics, Honda, and Italian RobotCub Consortium have spared no effort to save money on the “humanoid robot” project. Research-oriented, rarely practiced and commercialized in this area.

In 2015, Zhang Rui, 26 years old, co-founded “Iron Man Technology” with his university classmates and fellow manor. "At first, I didn't think of starting a business with the manor. Even though I was a college student, a fellow Shandong, I was exposed to some investors and a manor introduced by investors, which made me re-considerate the manor," said Zhang Rui. "It turned out that the manor is far more powerful than I thought. He studied computer. After graduation, he entered the Internet field. He worked as a product manager in UC browser, Sina Weibo, and innovation workshop. His resume and experience can be with me. Forming complementarity, let me focus more on the technical level."

Since then, Zhang Rui and Manor, two Shandong boys have mastered technology, one person focused on product business, and gradually built a team of more than 20 people, most of whom are from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, aerospace institutes and senior engineers of foreign companies. Rich scientific research experience and solid hardware technical strength.

At the beginning of the business, Zhang Rui and the manor raised two or three million start-up funds and invested in the research and development of the first prototype. It can be said that they themselves voted for the angel wheel. In March 2016, the first prototype was successfully developed. In November of the same year, the company received 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing. In mid-January 2017, the second-generation product was successfully assembled, not only with a cool appearance, but also greatly optimized the underlying design, independently developed a large number of core components, and formed a complete independent intellectual property rights.

To be world class in the future




"The robots you just saw, as well as the debut of the 2017 World Robotics Congress on August 23, is our third-generation ART biped robot." Zhang Rui said. "In less than two years since its establishment, we have completed the research and development of three generations of bipedal humanoid robots. It takes 3-5 years for normal general units to develop a generation of bipedal humanoid robots, and Iron Man Technology is completed. The latest generation of research and development took only half a year."

In 2016, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician of the Eurasian Academy of Sciences, and Major General Li Deyi of the General Armament Department of the People's Liberation Army came to the Iron Man Technology Office in Shangdi Science and Technology Incubation Park. After witnessing the iron man's generation of robots walking in a balanced and stable manner, he was happy. Said: "These steps are a big step for Chinese humanoid robots!"

Li, who is usually only an expert instructor of a large-scale institution or military research institute, has set up an expert workstation in the "Iron Man Technology" startup to serve as a mentor and injects his own R&D experience and resources for the "Iron Man".

In the software algorithm and control program, the Zhang Rui team absorbed the advice of Academician Li Deyi and joined the concept of “sports brain”. The sports brain is a set of decision-making systems that allow robots to have the ability to move autonomously. Based on the shape of the robot, using the forward and backward kinematics, dynamics and artificial intelligence technology, the joint control and nerve center control of the robot can be realized, and finally the task level control target is achieved.

The "sports brain" is similar to the cerebellum part of humans. Zhang Rui introduced that this system will be open in the future, and the ontology will be built into a computing platform. On the basis of this, universities or B-end users will conduct secondary development at the decision-making level. "In the task layer control and scenario application, the B-end customer has more experience and deeper understanding."

In order to make China's humanoid robots have stronger competitiveness and independent intellectual property rights, Iron Man Technology independently developed robot core components, such as various motor drives, controllers, attitude sensors, and communication modules.

Among the three generations of robots, ART-0 is the first generation of biped robot developed in March 2016, with a total of 12 degrees of freedom, enabling the robot to walk like a human. After verifying the basic principles, in January 2017, Iron Man Technology developed ART-1 with 26 degrees of freedom and joined the robot “sports brain” to realize the whole body motion control of the robot. ART-1 can step up and down to deal with uneven roads. In August 2017, Iron Man Technology developed the third generation robot ART-2 with a total of 36 degrees of freedom. Compared with the second-generation robots, the ART-2 robot also incorporates a ten-finger dexterous hand, which can make various gestures and grab items like a human, and the overall speed of the robot is also significantly improved.

Zhang Rui said that the current stage of commercialization will be based on the third generation robot ART-2, providing research and display ontology for universities, scientific research institutions, and various science and technology museums. Zhang Rui expects that in the second half of this year, Iron Man Technology will achieve profitability, and has received orders from many universities and research institutions.

On August 23-27, the five-day World Robotics Congress (WRC) was successfully concluded. Iron Man's ART bipedal humanoid robot has undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of this conference.

During these five days, Vice Premier Liu Yandong and Ma Kai visited the Iron Man Technology Institute. Both teams watched the performance of the ART biped robot and praised the ART biped robot technology. In addition, the ART robots of Iron Man Technology have also appeared in CCTV's set of news and CCTV's variety show and Beijing TV and other major media, which is amazing and amazing. This is the new development of China's robot R&D technology. height.





  However, all this is a small team of 23 people, which only took more than two years of research and development results! It is especially admirable that even if Iron Man achieves such exciting results in the short term, their team members still maintain Peaceful mindset, when I expressed my admiration to WeChat co-founder Manor on WeChat, "We are just getting started, come on!"



  Let us wait and see what will be exciting next spring, and look forward to the "Iron Man" dream of turning dreams into reality!