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Maker's biography|He throws home, middle-aged drifting, only to create a "nail" in the Internet education industry

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Maker's biography: to convey the voice of the makers, explore the innovative ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

Ai Niu Technology can be described as a big "牛牛" in the famous earthquake town. It is not afraid of the smart phone red sea, but it is to kill a vast blue sea. With its unique soft and hard platform thinking and ecological thinking, it is expected to become the wisdom of connecting 00. Baodian, as a dark horse of China's "Internet + Education" innovation and entrepreneurship, has already received much attention from the industry. In this issue, "Chuangke Biography" is the master of the family, please enter the "Ai Niu Technology", let us listen to the "cow" - Li Peng, deputy general manager and brand marketing director of Ai Niu Technology, dismantled the operation of Ai Niu!


(Authentic and simple Shandong man, pragmatic idealist - Li Peng)


(Smartphones are a window for children to open the world. How can they get in?)

  Who will stand for our next generation, who will come to teach our next generation to teach

In the era of smart Internet, smart phones have become close personal partners of people. It is undoubtedly a necessity for daily life and work. While smartphones bring infinite convenience to people, they also bring confusion and anxiety that have never been seen before. We need the mobile phone to open the key to the intelligent era. On the other hand, we are worried about the relatively weak will of teenagers. The mobile phone is everywhere, making it easier for them to indulge in games, virtual dating, and online, affecting their studies – in the near future, The news that young people play games and spend their parents' deposits is not uncommon. What's more, they are unwilling to be born, and the cost is not too heavy, so that the school and parents are extremely worried.

Li Peng in front of him slowly opened his voice. Li Peng, who is the spokesperson of the Ai Niu team, comes from the land of Qilu, deeply influenced by Confucian culture, Jinan, Shandong Province, which is simple and pragmatic, and is modest and convincing.


(Ai Niu team members carefully experience the prototype, strive to be perfect and prepare for product iteration)

  Li Peng believes that more and more primary and secondary schools have begun to ban the mobile phone. It is impossible to control it. It is better to ban it. But this is not a good way to solve the problem. Different times, the smart connection channel is different from the information platform. The simple and rude one banned, seemingly shielding the byproducts that affect academic and physical and mental health, but also let the children out of touch with the times, affecting effective communication and learning, and closing the door of the times.

What is the way to do this? Ai Niu Technology Entrepreneurship Team has accumulated more than a decade of industry innovation and operation experience, and entered the second half of the smart phone to create a smart terminal for junior high school students. To be fair, Ai Niu is to be a "nail" in Internet education. Li Peng said that Ai Niu has also gone through a detour, to be big and complete, to do content, but now it has been repositioned and only connected with heart. To serve, to be a platform, to open a healthy, green and rich wisdom magic door for the daily learning and life of young people through the three pillars of green Internet access, intelligent control and teaching aids.


(Ai Niu Technology "Student Smart Terminal" received media attention)


  Through the green Internet, you can filter the yellow gambling website, and the children have a clean network space; through intelligent control, to meet the children's daily use of mobile phones, and to introduce the eyes of monitoring, so that teachers and parents can make smarter on their children's mobile phones. The control and safety monitoring; and the teaching aids developed by relying on advanced scientific and technological means, will enhance the teaching efficiency of teachers and stimulate children's interest in learning as a starting point to become a shared platform of "Internet + education".

Since 2016, Ai Niu has entered the practical stage, and has invested more than 600 million yuan in product development and marketing system construction! At present, it not only has reached strategic cooperation with the “Future Network” of the Central Committee, but also strengthened the construction of information content. It also polished out the V1.0 version of Ai Niu Student Smart Terminal Products, and through the establishment of an office, started the provincial investment agency and introduced partners to form an ecosystem developed by communication service providers and sales channels.

The development of Ai Niu has paid great attention to the construction of intellectual property rights since its inception. It has obtained 6 patents and is currently applying for 3 patents; 11 software copyrights, up to 42 applications are being applied; 2 registered trademarks, 4 applications are being applied Ai Niu uses practical actions to build a firewall for enterprise development, strengthen competition barriers, and create a moat for future sustainable development.

Niu Ren Niu Xin, nearer Yue, far come

Ai Niu, the brand name comes from the transliteration of the two English words of education (education) and new (new), advocating the new educational development concept. Its brand founding team and operators are all "bovine people" with more than ten years of communication industry and Internet industry entrepreneurial elites. They are science and engineering men and technical emperors above the technology. They are simple, steady and practical, such as cattle; passion and tenacity With the same pains and sorrows, such as cattle.


(The legendary cow team is a family portrait)



Ai Niu is best known for his benevolence. Li Peng said that the reason why he was able to come back to Beijing from Jinan was that he had left his home and left his wife and children. He was alone in the north, and perhaps it was the frankness and pattern of the founders.

In 2016, Li Peng, who has been self-employed in Jinan and has achieved little success, originally wanted to discuss business cooperation with Ai Niu, but because of the deep resonance between the two sides in this field, it sparked the spark, which led to the founding of Ai Niu, Cheng Shengbin. Development and cooperation, at this point, Ai Niu built a stable and efficient founding team, laying a solid foundation for the rapid and intensive iterative update of the project.


(Student's smart terminal is sought after, and the education of the Ai Niu Technology Entrepreneurship Team member shows Xiaoxiao)


In his book The Essence of Business, Jack Welch emphasizes that the essence of business is a team movement, and the success of business lies in the collaboration of the team, and the coordination of the organization is based on the leadership. At the same time, the improvement of leadership and leadership will lead to team coordination, and leadership training focuses on exploring truth and trust.

The integration of Ai Niu's entrepreneurial team and mutual encouragement and trust are our greatest wealth. Li Peng said that due to this unconditional trust, from the founder to the ordinary employees, each person can inspire the greatest enthusiasm and responsibility of everyone. Li Peng remembered the day when he met with Ai Niu’s founder Cheng Shengbin. At that moment, there was still a light in the eyes. On that day, the two of them fell in love at first sight, and they met with a good talent, a conversation, and even a conversation. At lunch time, I will throw it to the clouds!