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Maker's biography-Special food to Guo Weiling

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  Maker's biography: to convey the voice of the makers, explore the innovative ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

She, a fashion hot mom, loves food, tennis, horse riding, stayed in the United States for 8 years, and 23 years old successfully established the first company in the United States. After returning to China, relying on the demand for the quality and safety of ingredients, he did not hesitate to set up special food.

Quiet, is the first impression Guo Weiling gives. This is more like the way she does things, letting the world linger, she is only in her own world, and she is doing what she is looking for. She is convinced that the success of her career is like cultivating a bottle of good wine. It takes time to experience and everything is urgent. The development of special food seems to have a quiet temperament with it, and it is conscientious and practical, not slow or slow. This issue of the creators, let us quietly listen to Guo Weiling and her special food to TasTao, really special enough, enough atmosphere! Not only my stomach was circled by her, my people were also circled by her! On Weibo, “Special Food to the Kitchen” is still a food V with a six-figure fan and a fast-growing food!


(Fashionable hot mom who loves food and loves life, represents Guo Weiling)


01, smart people are stupid

Abandoning the day-to-day film and television business, and starting a special food after the birth of the child, it is also a sense of responsibility. The child's birth, let Wei Ling began to pay attention to the ingredients. "Special food is like another child of mine." In Guo Weiling's words, "I must do well when I look for things."

Among the brands, enterprises and platforms where the total number of imported foods is made, the special food to this gourmet app is obviously a special special existence. Wei Ling is thinking about how to use his special thinking and experience to cut into the industry, so that customers who have special food can get a higher quality experience. Wei Ling spent a year specializing in market research and planning every step of the company's development plan. After sharply researching, Wei Ling’s eyes were firmer and his footsteps were more stable. Special food to the platform is not just an app with media and e-commerce functions. In fact, its future energy and high quality of service to customers are far from being exerted. Although in many people's eyes, this is a detour, Wei Ling believes that "direction is more important than distance." Of course, you can think that this is the entrepreneurial genes and experience of her. After all, in the United States in 7 or 8 years, she has successfully started business twice, each time is a challenge and breakthrough for herself.


Special esophagus APP


  Guo Weiling found that companies that import foods are highly polarized, one is large and complete, and the industry chain, from products to channels, all in one package; the other is to rely on a small number of products to live, Xingze Save, waste is defeated. Most of these two face the bottleneck of the traditional business level, and need a strong force to help open the situation.

The development path of special food is more like a buyer from the "food". From the day of birth, it advocates scene, experience, and interaction, and cuts into the fundamental attitude, through the brand with the origin. Suppliers collaborate and establish their own traceability mechanism while labeling the source of ingredients and building their own SKUs, so that each ingredient has its own unique ID card.

This is destined to be a slow job. But work slowly and work hard. Special food to the recommended ingredients in the micro store and APP, each is worth tasting, trustworthy, have their own fans. In the eyes of Guo Weiling, special foods are special, which means special places of origin, special products, and special intentions.


(Guo Weiling learns food)



Special foods have their own unique standards and processes for the selection of ingredients: first, through the "Special Food Information Bureau" to collect food from all over the world, and then by the "special food agents" to filter, screen, repeatedly screen, from the quality and customs process, The details of the ruins, the layers of the check, all strive to achieve perfection. This is pushed to the shelf to ensure that each item is safe, delicious, delicious and hearty.

Of course, the way in which the special food is "displayed" is also special. Guo Weiling, who is a professional choreographer, also tries his best to make use of his creativity and talents. He will make a piece of food that is uniquely crafted into short and exquisite food videos. Through video, share the source, origin, culture and practices of the ingredients. It's refreshing and you can't stop.

Speaking of video shooting, Guo Weiling recalled that once, in order to see and photograph the whole process of cheese production, all the way to the boat, go around and go to an uninhabited foreign country cheese factory, go in It is 90 degrees Celsius high temperature water, followed by a huge ice-cold ice immersion large ice storage, and then the drying place, so the high temperature, low temperature, high temperature repeatedly switch, the whole person is burning to complete the whole process.

It can be said that the special food to the recommended ingredients on the shelves, each of which is hard to come by, has access to special food to trust and specially recommended ingredients, all have extraordinary experience, have been special food to the team to experience, personally taste, this One thing is that there are few imported food platforms that can do it.

Special food to bring to you, more like a good friend from the sharing of delicious food.


Visit the Parma ham factory


  Quietness is the temperament of Guo Weiling and special food, but serious is the way the brand does things. The entrance to the ingredients, no small things, negligence in any link, will destroy the reputation that has been painstakingly accumulated.

For special food, good word-of-mouth accumulation depends entirely on the quality of the ingredients and the user experience. Among them, the quality of the ingredients is the fundamental foundation. "You must not mix your eyes with the fish." Guo Weiling said.

Some companies have expressed the willingness to provide a batch of ingredients to sell at special prices. Some companies are willing to pay high prices for special food to help make video recommendations, but by understanding, special foods are found, the quality has not reached the ideal standard. Although there is a large profit margin, it was beaten back by the "special food agent", and even "overbearing" to reply, "We will not do things that our philosophy does not agree with because of money."

"Entrepreneurship is seven points, three points are sweet. When you are bitter, think about the sweet taste. I am a person with strong inner heart and dream support, so that I have the motivation to go down." Guo Weiling often encourages himself. As a result, the most uncomfortable business is the family. "We and the team are now sacrificing the happiness in front of us. Only by trying to bring happiness to more people, these sacrifices are not disappointing." Perhaps this is a little sense of accomplishment and satisfaction on the road to entrepreneurship.

After returning from the United States, she was a top media school in China and the United States. She has worked for CCTV, American Public Broadcasting and Television, Time Warner and other companies. Many headhunting companies hope that she can help big media companies in Europe and America to do business in China. In the eyes of many people, this is more like a matter of course. However, not being in the crowd, sticking to your heart and doing the right things, this is the path that Guo Weiling is born with.

The hardships of entrepreneurship, success and satisfaction, uneasiness and frustration, of course, people drink water. But only optimists can enjoy the process and get a home run.


(Guo Weiling, who loves horse riding and playing tennis in the United States, has gradually drifted away from her hobbies after returning to China. She devoted all her time to entrepreneurship.)


  The special food business, beyond the ingredients itself, is more like a window and interactive platform to open a foreign life and culture. With food as a medium, you can experience the terroir, people and history on the other side of the world. "Our generation is not like a father, only satisfied with fullness, but hopes to see the wider world through food, open our vision and pattern of life." Guo Weiling's heart is here.

On the special food app, there are five columns of standing food show, recipe, food, food, and food. Here, you can follow the chef to learn the paella with a small video of four or five minutes. Learn to make authentic traditional garlic olive oil pasta... or you can get a celebrity chef private house recipe through the recipe column. The most amazing thing is that you can also order the ingredients on the celebrity chef's recipes with one click. Through the channel warehouse set up in Beijing, express delivery to the government, you can enjoy high-quality, authentic Western food without leaving the door, so that the taste buds will open!

"Entrepreneurship, you want to show your heart, what role you want to play in the industry chain, what value you contribute," Guo Weiling always reminds himself, don't forget this entrepreneurial motive.


(Quiet special food, the special food from the avenue to Jane, as the pusher behind it)



Special food comes from the combination of English Taste and Tao, which means “taste”, avenue to Jane, which is reflected in the choice of food, terminal presentation and operation. This is also the temperament behind the pusher, with a temperament of elegant understanding, with a calm and calm temperament.

Special food, special enough, find a weekend, special food to APP or micro store, collect some, use high-quality, safe ingredients to make a delicious meal, soothe your family and your happy time!