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Maker's biography|He, the national "Thousand Talents Plan" expert, invented "electromagnetic knives", obtained multinational technology invention patents, and won the highest award in the field of medical equipment in Japan. At the age of 49, he resolutely

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  Maker's biography: to convey the voice of the makers, explore the innovative ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

Before seeing the chairman of the office of Emperor Zhao of Anjin Medical, he once heard that he was a very serious person. Therefore, Xiao Bian carefully prepared a number of questions and carefully prepared the desk work with the reverence of the river. After waiting for the seat, it was discovered that he was actually a cross-border "Uncle of the Maker" who did not follow the common sense. Although his manners were rigorous, he was sincere and enthusiastic, and he spared no effort to support young people. The problem, under his weightless interpretation, has made my liberal arts student understandable, especially the feelings of his technology to serve the country. In the present, it is really admirable, this issue of "Creator Biography" We are on the scene to face the "Creator Uncle" who is the product and technology to the country - Zhao Wei!

In the eyes of many people, Zhao Shu, who is over half a year old, is a legend in itself, a cross-border legend. In his own words, for many years, he has been cross-border, from Xinjiang to Beijing, from the work of the Communist Youth League to university teachers, to resigning to the teaching posts in the early 1990s, throwing his wife, in language. Under the circumstances, one person alone is alone in Japan. Every step of his life is a huge challenge for ordinary people. However, he is hard to overcome his own strength and take out his own world and start his own name!



  (Hey, the younger Uncle is definitely a handsome guy!)

If you come up with results, you have to work harder than the Japanese.

“The Japanese are famous for their seriousness and dedication. In such an environment, if you want to make achievements, you must work harder and harder than the Japanese. I never ask for internal and external work, just do it, and also propose A lot of suggestions and programs. The boss often said that he completed 200% of his expected work." Zhao Shu sees his achievements like this, everything comes from seriousness.

In 1991, Zhao Shu, who had just stood up, resigned from the work of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, leaving his wife and daughter of Suizhong, who was alone in Japan. At first, he worked in image research at a research institute. Due to his excellent performance, a medical device company threw an olive branch to him two years later. In this medical equipment enterprise, through research on the phenomenon of thermocoagulation caused by nuclear magnetic resonance electromagnetic radiation, Zhao Shu developed the "electromagnetic knife" minimally invasive surgery equipment, which will greatly reduce the traditional surgical equipment to human tissue. Damage.

The invention won patents in more than a dozen countries and won the top prize in the field of medical equipment in Japan. Zhao Shu was also promoted by the company several times to “jump” and broke the strict “reporting seniority” of Japanese companies. He became the core management of the company and was called “the first Chinese director” among the listed companies in Japan. At the time when the career was flourishing, Zhao Shu made a big surprise decision and returned to China to start a business!

Many years of work experience in the foreign medical industry has made Zhao Shu feel that "the domestic medical equipment technology has a big gap compared with the international level." He hopes to bring the technology he has acquired abroad to China and create greater value. At that time, Zhao Shu, not only enjoyed high treatment, but also had a generous retirement pension after retirement. Zhao Shu recalled: "After several hesitations, I finally got the idea of ​​returning to China. In the end, even the company's retirement money was gone, and the company had to agree to my request."

In 2010, he gave up the executive position and high treatment of executive directors of well-known Japanese listed companies, gave up the invitation to join other companies, gave up a comfortable life and a flat life path, and returned to Zhongguancun for the pursuit of a new life. At the beginning, he started his entrepreneurial journey.

Mission and dedication, decide how far you can go

"Every breakthrough, every step of progress, is a step closer to achieving the goal of alleviating the suffering of patients." It is hard not to be touched by the extraordinarily striking words on the wall. In the words of Zhao Shu, "developing medical equipment is a boring and difficult job. Without a sense of mission and dedication, it can't be done."

Zhao Shu returned to Zhongguancun with his own technology and established “Anjin Medical” to carry out research and development of the second generation electromagnetic knife technology. Unlike the well-managed work environment of large Japanese companies, Zhao Shu, who has all the trivialities of the entrepreneurial process, must personally work together. "At the time I just came back to start a business, I just took the team to work day and night. Until now, I slept very late every day, and our team often worked overtime very late." Zhao Shu's work intensity is very strong, "On average for more than 20 years I don’t take a nap. This is also the habit that my experience in Japan brings to me."

Anjin Medical first introduced the "Electromagnetic Knife Minimally Invasive System" independently developed by Zhao Shu. It is a compound surgical working system. Based on the results of Zhao Shu’s 2007 Medical Technology Invention Award in Japan, the system is innovative. to make. Traditional surgical equipment can easily cause damage and side effects to the brain during neurosurgery. The micro-invasive surgery system of the electromagnetic knife opens a small hole in the brain in the case of minimally invasive surgery, and can even penetrate deep into the hard-to-reach parts such as the brain.

During surgery, the combination of MRI, navigation, and endoscopy provides physicians with accurate surgical data during the procedure, including confirmation of surgical status and results. In the past, during the traditional surgery, the surgery was completely determined by the doctor's naked eye. Therefore, combined surgery is more secure and controllable than traditional surgery.

Zhao Shu revealed that the technical equipment has just started to be put on the market. Several domestic hospitals have been used in the clinic, and foreign product registration has begun. In addition, he continues to develop new surgical equipment.

Zhao Shu demanded that every product and every process developed by the company must undergo extremely strict testing and examination, especially medical equipment, which needs advanced nature and needs safety. Every detail must be done, and optimization and improvement should be continuously improved. Quality of products. “If you don’t have a good product awareness, it’s hard to make a good product. If you don’t do ‘Made in China’ and want to do creation in China, how is it possible?”

“We often let engineers participate in clinical trials and experience the pain of patients in hospital beds and surgery. Through such feelings, engineers will have a higher pursuit of product technology and quality in technology research and development.” Zhao Shu has been very Emphasis on using this experience to cultivate a sense of mission for employees. In addition to alleviating the pain for patients, Zhao Shu also hopes to make a contribution to changing the situation that domestic advanced medical equipment depends on imports. This is also the initial heart of his decision to return to China that year.

Entrepreneurship is technology-first, product is king


(Standing among a group of young people, the Maker Uncle is not old, is he smug?)


  Zhao Shu said frankly that the team is mainly technical personnel. Everyone only knows the development technology of bulkheads, and believes that technology can change the world and benefit humanity.

"I don't encourage young people to start a business model. If young people are going to start a business and are pursuing a good product and technology, then what kind of scenario will China be in the future?"

Zhao Shu used his unique gentle tone to look to the future, calmly revealing the wisdom and hope after the experience.

“The business model is influenced by geography and culture. In another place, it may be unacceptable, but a good product and technology will be different, and there will be real international competitiveness. Young people’s entrepreneurship must open up some horizons and think for a long time. ”

"I don't want to work hard on the products, such enterprises can't last long." There are many medical equipment companies in China, and few of them are global leaders. The main reason is that domestic enterprises have insufficient trust and recognition, lack of innovation and international commons. Quality level. Therefore, it is very important to innovate technology and build international common quality standards so that more and more people can recognize domestic enterprises.

In the future, Chinese enterprises must follow a path of quality and credibility, enhance their quality awareness, and build trustworthy and reliable quality values ​​in order to win both fame and fortune in order to win in the increasingly fierce market competition. The establishment of corporate quality awareness will drive the speed of social innovation and form a virtuous circle.

Zhao Shu said that the great enterprises in the world will not follow the path that others have gone through. They are all taking their own paths and making innovations in technology, management and business models. Behind the innovation is the establishment of a set of innovation standards, to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of work, to achieve the rigor of research and development and production, the establishment of this set of standards helps companies to integrate with the international market.

In the few years since returning to China, Zhao Shu spent a lot of time building a complete quality control system. Zhao Shu does not bother to communicate with the team, establish strict quality awareness within the company, record and correct problems in time, correct, and then check the implementation results, open up the key points of each quality, and make everything traceable.

Zhao Shu and his team are concentrating on the great companies in their hearts. His inventions and patents will also become tools for the benefit of society for the benefit of mankind. If you have never met with him, perhaps, you will not feel the enthusiasm and seriousness of Zhao Shu, and will not feel his sense of mission and dedication. This sense of mission and spirit, is probably the benchmark that is most worthy of our young makers to learn?

Nowadays, Zhao Shuhe and his wife, who are over half a hundred years old, live in a one-bedroom, one-bedroom residence in the maker town. In his words, they live in the town and are close to the company. Two or three hours of commute time, more time to meditate and study, he also enjoys himself.

I heard that Zhao Shuai read a book and immediately asked him to recommend a book worth reading for the creator of the town. He said, you can look at the GreatCompany. Apply You are what you eat This Western slang, we need to say, "Uncle Maker, You are so great"!