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Maker's biography|China's pan-net Internet's first platform of "White Whale"

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  Maker's biography: to convey the voice of the makers, explore the innovative ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

Many years ago, when my wallet was smashing, there seemed to be nothing mixed on the land. Let’s go to the sea and go shopping in the sea that we have an absolute area in the world!

—— Herman Melville “Moby Dick”


(Wei Fangdan near shadow)


Wei Fangdan, from Anyang, Henan Province, an ancient capital with a history of more than 3,000 years, is also a history department at Xiamen University. He was born in 1986. He has a strong balance beyond his age and his words are very infectious.

Time returned to 2012, and in the aftermath, his fate ushered in a turning point that year, although he did not know at the time. At the time, he joined an internet startup and participated in the operation of a lock screen software, Creative Locker. Because of the overseas market operations, he contacted and created a QQ group called “GOOGLE PLAY Discussion”, even though this group had only a few The size of a hundred people, but it is this group that makes Wei Fangdan completely change the trajectory of life (or, is not driving him in the true direction), and ushered in a "noble" for his career!

Due to the operation of the "GOOGLE PLAY Discussion" QQ group, Wei Fangdan, who has a keen sense of smell, discovered a small business opportunity. The registration of the GOOGLE PLAY store account is very troublesome. It takes 25 US dollars, and the credit card must have the VISA and Maste logos. For developers, having a GOOGLE PLAY account has a developer ID. For this reason, he spent two weeks researching how to quickly register accounts in bulk. According to Wei Fangdan, he can register an account in 15 minutes, an account sells 600 yuan, and the income is higher than the salary, so he also opened the Taobao store. At that time, as long as he searched for GOOGLE PLAY in Taobao, his Taobao shop ranked first.

Selling a GOOGLE PLAY account, let Wei Fangdan make a small profit. However, his account business has not lasted for a long time, because it is more and more difficult to register an account later, but the resources accumulated through GOOGLE PLAY have to follow his life.

In November 2013, someone organized an offline event in the group to convene people to discuss the issue of sea. Although Wei Fangdan had been operating online before, he spent two weeks preparing for the first game. Offline activities - less than 40 people participated in the summit of the developer who lost more than 1,000 yuan, which was later seen as a milestone in the beluga whales. The activities of the offline sea level summit were held in two consecutive sessions. The latter one moved to Shanghai, which was slightly larger and nearly 70 people participated.


At this time, the establishment of the beluga community (the predecessor of the beluga whales) from Weifangdan to carry out the company's business operations, will have to wait another six months.

Wei Fangdan admits that he never thought about starting a business. The change came from his "GOOGLE PLAY" QQ group. At the beginning of 2014, the group joined a person. This is a very professional angel investor. He sent an email to Wei Fangdan stating that the latter should start a company. And stressed that as Chinese Internet companies increasingly value overseas business and expand globally, there are huge business opportunities.

In 2014, Cheetah Mobile was listed in the US. This Chinese company, which is mainly engaged in overseas markets, was once regarded as a model for Chinese Internet companies to go out to sea – which also inspired Wei Fangdan to turn the developer community into a platform.

Wei Fangdan recalled, "At the time, I was still working in a company, just a department manager. I didn't have a high vision. I didn't have the confidence. I didn't think about starting a business, but the investors felt that it was an opportunity and they trusted me." At that time, Wei Fangdan was still in Fuzhou, and the investors were in Xiamen. The two men went through the mail and discussed the investment issues, the development ideas and the entrepreneurial direction.

The investor gave Wei Fangdan a valuation of 7.5 million and Wei Fangdan has a major shareholder status. Wei Fangdan said with a smile, but there was nothing but a QQ group. "That night, I was insomnia, some nervous and excited, and overnight, I became a person worth nearly ten million!"

In May and June 2014, Wei Fangdan planned to resign and registered the “White Whale Community” Fuzhou Company. On July 1, when the company officially opened, only Wei Fangdan was alone. In mid-July, Wei Fangdan went to Xiamen and finalized the investment. In the process of the investment agreement, the investor gave Wei Fangdan a sum of money to start the fund.

Wei Fangdan’s company situation lasted for two weeks. However, he still commutes to work every day, goes to the company to meet and recruit, until the team is formed, he turns from a polished commander to a CEO.


In the first year of entrepreneurship, Beluga also took some detours. Wei Fangdan recalled that the first thing he wanted to do was the SDK (software development kit). He said that domestic and foreign, login, sharing, and payment have a completely different set of portals and systems. At the beginning, they wanted to aggregate these services, make a product, and improve the customized service for developers. In the middle, find good products, good games, can be agents, you can also make a joint investment.

With a preliminary positioning, Wei Fangdan spent a lot of effort to find a technology partner and started a business journey in the same boat.

In 2015, Wei Fangdan came to Beijing to explore new opportunities for cooperation. On the other hand, he also made a new round of financing for the company's development. In the process, my friend pointed out that Beluga is actually a company with media attributes. You can do products, but there are no good product managers, no strong technology. These are all problems. In contrast, some scales are very Big companies, there are no successful cases for such products, and you are a community, doing activities, but very good at it, very good at getting started, can you cut off the products, concentrate on the community, do activities?

This made Wei Fangdan’s heart pass a little unhappiness. “At the time, we were also very entangled. In the direction we once recognized, there will be people who will deny us. I can hardly accept it. However, after a period of precipitation and consideration, I Still decided to cut down the product, transform the media, do the community, do the activities, the website is revised, and the content is added to make it more like a media company."

One of the consequences of this is that the technical partner has proposed an exit. In the eyes of this CTO, a company with a media attribute does not need strong technical support.

This made Wei Fangdan fall into depression again. Wei Fangdan once thought that entrepreneurship is a group of people moving forward together, and now the partners withdraw, all the company's affairs must be on his shoulders. Fortunately, through consultations, Wei Fangdan and the technical partners have done a good job in the aftermath of the exit, and promoted the technical talents, making the company like a ship and smoothly going out to sea.

In the transitional beluga community, in June 2015, the A round of nearly 10 million financing was completed. “From the angel round to the A round, the beluga whale financing is relatively easy, and the investors have given full trust. This round, investors I haven’t seen it at the company’s site. I don’t know how many people there are in the company. I just introduced the business plan for three or forty minutes, and procedurally bargained on the valuation, and I finalized the cooperation.” Wei Fangdan stressed Say. Since then, the company has begun to have its own finance, personnel, administration, began to expand, began to set up Beijing companies, the company entered a healthy development track.

However, at this time, what kind of banner should the ship be sailed out? Wei Fangdan once again fell into thinking.


(In January 2016, the Link World White Whale World Summit Silicon Valley Station and the top developer of Beluga whales were successfully held in Silicon Valley)

At that time, Wei Fangdan’s company was named “Bai Whale Overseas Developer Community”, referred to as “White Whale Community”. Friends said that this is more like a platform for communication. However, in order to benchmark business and media attributes, it is necessary to change its name. Row!


(In April 2016, the top developer of Beluga whales was successfully held in the Middle East and Africa.)


(June 2016, Link World White Whale World Summit Israel Station, the top developer of Beluga whales, was successfully held in Israel)

After half a year of thinking, the name change was finally finalized. In 2016, the Beluga community officially changed its name to "White Whales to the Sea". Just as Didi taxis changed to Didi, the Beluga whales can finally start the LINK WORLD trip. Its global expansion has become more and more concerned by developers, enterprises, government agencies, and international organizations. It has "cut into Chinese developers and become the information center, resource center, and capital center in the global science and technology field." The corporate vision is moving into reality step by step.

Founder's message

Entrepreneurship is bitter, but it is also very cool and the harvest is great!

——The founder and CEO of the beluga whales to the sea Wei Fangdan

Milestones in the development of "White Whales to the Sea":

L In July 2014, Beluga was established in the sea and received a million RMB investment in angels;

L In June 2015, it received tens of millions of RMB Class A investment;

L In July 2015, the Beluga Whale Beijing Company was established;

L In August 2015, the China-Indonesia Internet Conference hosted by Beluga was successfully held in Jakarta;

L In November 2015, the Google 2015 Xiamen Expo hosted by Beluga was successfully held;

L In December 2015, Beluga won the “Top Ten New Game Media of 2015” (issued by China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association);

L In January 2016, the Link World White Whale World Summit Silicon Valley Station and the top developer of Beluga whales were successfully held;

L In April 2016, the top developer of Beluga whales was successfully held in the Middle East and Africa.

L In June 2016, the Link World Mobya Global Summit Israel Station and the top developer of Beluga whales were successfully held in Israel;

L In April 2017, the joint ePanda co-hosted the China-Africa Internet Summit;

L In May 2017, the China-Pakistan Network Promotion Association jointly held the 2017 China-Pakistan Internet Conference.