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After the 85th, she was born in the Department of Statistics. She went to "Partnership Chinese" and refused a million-year salary. With a deep love for the data, from 0 to 1, she created a picture community of 10 million people.

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  Maker's biography: to convey the voice of the makers, explore the innovative ecology; show the brand style, serve the entrepreneurial life.

Relying on the small town WeChat public number, thousands of people WeChat group and other media channels and official influence, the maker town is planning the brand's original column "Creator Biography". From the perspective of the characters, the company will showcase the entrepreneurial team style; spare no effort to improve Expand the interviewee and brand awareness; promote the "starting + life + social" comprehensive results; let everyone become a neighbor, become a confidant, become a business partner; help the entrepreneurial team to obtain users, the entire line of resources!

Chat with Yang Hui. If within 10 minutes, you have no more than three faces on the topic you talked to, then congratulations, indicating that you are not getting old, at least, your heart still lives in the world after 90s. . Yang Hui's micro-willing to create a girl's picture community after the 95s, so this 85-year-old girl, with an ageless mindset, naturally switched to the world of girls after 95, claiming to love the stars, like to watch the brain drama, she, When the scorpion opened, it was like a machine gun, and the golden sentence was frequent. It can be seen that she is so sad that she loves entrepreneurship and loves the world. In this issue, "Creator Biography", we present for you May the founder Yang Hui!



  1, while doing side adjustment

Before the founding of the wish, Yang Hui once had an entrepreneurial experience -- the product called imall (imall), but did not provoke much wave.

At that time, the traditional PC side has not been replaced by the mobile terminal. Yang Hui made a website (dwarf cat), which now seems to be just a network extension of traditional market research - turning the traditional questionnaire form into an online online questionnaire, which will be researched Combine these more common factors with coupons, and then let the C-end (consumer) actively write a questionnaire to get the coupon.

Yang Hui also got a financing with the dwarf cat. However, she found in her operations that it is difficult to stimulate the enthusiasm of the C-end people to participate in the research with the coupon of 5 to 10 yuan. Therefore, although the cat is theoretically feasible, it has not become a climate.

Yang Hui said frankly that she met a very good angel investor. Just as she was very entangled and thinking about her way out, one of her angel investors told her that you might as well look at whether there are more mature models in foreign countries.

Yang Hui browsed the list of major application search rankings. Perhaps it was destined to find out that the American wishbone (willing bone) was based on the professional sensitivity of the data person. She said, I down it for three seconds, I am very sure that it is, I will do the Chinese version of wishbone.

"Actually, if you haven't experienced business data analysis, you can't find the persistence of doing your wish. At the same time, you can't realize the value of Wishbone. In fact, Wishbone is not in big data. The direction went further, but Weiyi did it.” Yang Hui said with a smile. “Sometimes, foreign mature business models, flowers in China will be better than foreign countries.”

2, unintentional

Yang Hui graduated from Fuzhou University with a major in statistics. This is also the result of misunderstandings. The university fills in the volunteers. She discussed with her brother. Statistics and accounting are only one word difference. It is estimated that there is not much difference, and the statistics profession is reported in a confused way. As a result, this was completely an unpopular profession at the time. Only two students, including her, took the initiative to fill out the profession. Other students were transferred.

During the four years of college, she was relished after nearly ten years. She and her classmates earned the first bucket of gold by buying funds for 60 yuan. Since the money for buying funds is still with the students, everyone is At 30 yuan, it is this income that is only enough to buy a Big Mac package, which makes her feel "a wonderful thing to make money." For the first time in life, she earned money on her own. She thinks this is Her financial first enlightenment.

Graduated in 2008, came to Beijing to join the China Shopping Center Association in February 2009. Just entered the company, the boss handed a report that had been written for several years but had no results to her, but the accident was that this newly graduated The little girl actually spent a few months working on the report and, as soon as it was released, it caused a sensation in the industry. This is the "China Shopping Center Development Index Report". For Yang Hui, this report, written almost by itself, is a milestone in her career.

“I am red in our industry!” Yang Hui couldn’t help but smile. “At the time, there were only five or six hundred shopping centers in the country. After the report came out, I became an expert in data. I was also invited to two or three. Reports were made at the meeting of the top 100 shopping center CEOs. The company’s popularity has also risen violently, and the invitations have been continually given. The boss has no skills and has to send me to play.”

As a popular flower in the shopping center data industry, Yang Huimei has ushered in her own highlights. She is strolling around China's most luxurious shopping malls, between fashion and spotlights, and facing the industry's people. Everything looks so beautiful. She said that it was this experience that made her meet the angel investors of the future, and also let her see the prosperity and glitz of the world, so that she can return to her heart and be a stable self. Yes, except that Wushan is not a cloud, there is nothing to be persistent.

“There was a Shanghai company that promised to dig me over the annual salary of 1.2 million.” Yang Hui said, “I even stupidly refused, perhaps from the heart, that is not a career that I like. In the process of starting a business. In the middle, you know how to refuse temptation, which is the foundation of your success. You have seen and enjoyed it in the past, you can have the strength, and you have the perseverance to refuse temptation. Without knowledge, the money can not hold, and will soon Money burned out."

3. Discover the New World

"I just want to subvert the traditional market research company." Yang Hui has been looking for a combination of data and the Internet and a breakthrough. After finding inspiration from wishbone, she seems to have discovered her new continent, but this vast and dreamy continent is made up of endless data.

“Micro-willingness is essentially a picture community, mainly for girls after 95, with innovative 'two picture contrasts' and 'single picture + emoji' modes to present content, you can view the recommended community To learn about the latest fashion trends and TA people's ideas, you can also find your favorite content through comics, funny, celebrity, cute control, fashion, self-timer, technology, etc., and you can express your understanding of life by creating a wish. Or let the community help vote to make a choice."



  Yang Hui said, "In fact, our focus is on entertainment and entertainment. What you see is the content that Xiaobian selects from tens of thousands of peeks every day. If you have to say anything, you may wish It’s the headline in the picture community. It’s the closest picture product to people’s hobbies.”

For example, if you send 10 micro-willings, you can put 20 labels on you to achieve accurate recommendations through algorithms. Similar to a treasure, it can only be a fuzzy recommendation. After you buy a thing, it will recommend you the relevant things right away. You bought a water cup. It recommends the tea at most, but the wish is different. It really can discover your true needs and desires. Such accurate data, for both the B-end and the C-end, is of great value. We are willing to provide the most accurate user portrait.

In 2016, Yang Hui successfully received nearly 7 million yuan of angel investment. After getting the financing, Yang Hui did not feel very fulfilled. Yang Hui thinks that her biggest advantage is forgetfulness, learning to forget, in fact, is to empty the past, so that I always stay at the starting line of 0, so that you will not feel how successful it is to melt so much money, how much money is not included Easy, in the state of returning to zero, the decisions you make will be more rational.

Of course, a project needs to develop rapidly. Money is very important. Just be wary. When money comes in, you have to evaluate that you are still not the most inclusive platform of interest. Yang Hui thinks so.

Moreover, the pre-products must not pursue a heavy model, and feel that this can be done, and that can be done. In fact, the most important thing is the core function. Being a product, in a minimalist way, will let the user know what you are doing. Quickly iterate through the small step run mode.

"I personally feel that the biggest pressure in the entrepreneurial process is how do you make yourself stronger." Yang Hui believes. “Whether it is financing, team or product, there will be various voices in the entrepreneurial process, but you should know for yourself what is acceptable and what should be ignored.”

4, patiently waiting for the flowers

At present, Yang Hui and her micro-willingness are on the right track. A round of 30 million financing is about to be put in place. In the recent recording of the "Partner Chinese" program, I won the praises of Xu Xiaoping, Yao Jinbo and Li Guoqing. The prospect of micro-willing is very promising.

In addition, the cooperation invitations at the B-end (merchant) are also endless. For example, the public welfare case of Weiyuan and Yingchuang recycling cooperation, in a short time, quickly completed 200,000 empty bottle recycling programs in Beijing, and Fans are enthusiastically sought after. The energy of the micro-will is gradually released.

Yang Hui said that Weiyuan is still in the stage of user accumulation and concept promotion, and has not really realized commercialization. Perhaps, when we have 3 million monthly active users, it is time to commercialize, and at that time we can also provide better and better services for the B-end (business).

At present, Weiyi is mainly based on the post-95s girls as the core target group. By creating KOL (key opinion leader), the topic is spread and the commanding heights of the public opinion are occupied. On the micro-vision platform, it is the user's original ecological production. The brands involved are also closely related to their lives. They will share their lifestyles through the form of micro-images, such as your mood today, which coffee you drink, you like Which tide card, the process of presentation, is actually the most original advertisement.

In the future, when we do promotion and research for a brand, it will not be a very obvious advertisement, but a lifestyle interpretation and presentation. Every picture released on the ‘微 Wish’ platform is very artistic and very beautiful, and the process of making users see the advertisement becomes a pleasure. This not only does not affect the user experience, but also increases the user's brand awareness. Yang Hui envisioned her numerous scenes of realizing her, and it became the power to push her forward.

Yang Hui, who was in front of her, walked through the scene of the scenery just after graduation, and became more and more profound and rational, but she always maintained her love for data and her passion for the data. The story behind the data made her extremely obsessed.

Yang Hui said frankly that entrepreneurship is really very hard. Sometimes I am busy all day, I really don't want to do it anymore, but the next day I am full of energy and ran to the office. For girls, entrepreneurship pays a lot. You don't have time to travel, you don't have time to go shopping, you don't have time to exercise, but in the future, there are still opportunities to regain it. However, if you are four or fifty, If you want to start a business again, you may not have the passion to start a business again.

From the short cat to the wish, Yang Hui's transformation journey landed safely, thanks to her calm and patience, she never gave up innovation and persistence. Entrepreneurs are growing up in the process of constantly solving problems and constantly solving troubles. Entrepreneurship also allowed her to walk into the patience of the extreme, and also let her discover that her fascination and love for big data has never changed.

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Yang Hui, graduated from Fuzhou University in statistics in 2008

2009-2013, Director of Research Department of China Shopping Center Association

Editor-in-Chief of China Mall Development Report

In 2012, Beijing Emory Technology Co., Ltd. was founded, and the development of dwarf cats and micro-will products was launched.

In April 2016, Weiyi will get 100,000 users in one month and millions of users in 4 months.

In August 2016, Weiyi was recommended by the Huawei Enlightenment Program.


1. The biggest pressure in the entrepreneurial process is how you can make yourself stronger.

2. Entrepreneurs are constantly solving problems, and they grow up in the process of constantly solving troubles.

3, all bad things, spending is the biggest good thing.

4. As long as you are willing to change yourself for this matter, you will move towards a brighter future.

5, want to be an entrepreneur, the first thing to remember is not too good.

6. In the process of starting a business, you know how to refuse temptation and it is the foundation of your success.